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09/26/09 @ 06:44:22 pm, Categories: General, 205 words   English (US)

We are back in our hotel after the most amazing concert. Sitting in the front row, seeing Michael do a whole bunch of new material, several standing ovations and five stunning youngsters with him up there: life does not get much better than this. Very exhausted now, so we will concentrate on highlights.

- The suits: delicious
- I was made for loving you / Hot Stuff: fantastic and a blast from the past, seeing “Hot Stuff” was the first song of our first ever Michael concert
- … hummmm just realising that roughly every song is a highlight. So we might write a bit more about the line up after Blackpool, still some highlights in no particular order:
- Mercy
- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
- Mack the Knife
- Seasons of Love
- Gethsemane
- The Winner Takes It All
- The Rose
- Just When
- I Know Where I’ve Been

Why these are our highlights? We’ll get to this later on, as well as all the other stuff Michael says and does during the concert.

Sorry about that, we are just a bit overwhelmed and VERY tired. Our special thanks goes to Pam for just being herself. :D Good night everyone. Talk tomorrow


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