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Wednesday - 18 July 2012
07/19/12 @ 05:07:44 am, Categories: General, 788 words   English (US)

So, we already told you, that we would be abandoning Mr. Ball for Madonna on Tuesday night. We have to admit it felt a bit weird to leave our friends a quarter to seven and walk away from the Adelphi.

Just plain wrong, actually. But we booked the tickets and wanted to see her, so what we really needed would have been a Time Turner and if you do not know what this is, attend the Harry Potter studio tour! ;-) We arrived at Hyde Park and there was this massive crowd at the entrance. We feared we’d be stuck there for ages. But no, the organizers really have made a fantastic job in terms of crowd control. We got onto the grounds in no time, especially considering that there were (albeit brief) bag searches in place. The longest time standing came at the merchandise stall. We found us a good spot to sit and marveled at the many screens, speakers and massive stage. Closer to the stage you’d have to stand, but as we were mainly there for the music and the shows we didn’t have enough ambition to squeeze through the masses of fans.

And what can we say? The stage show was fabulous. breathtaking effects and light show. Madonna looked and sounded great and played all the big hits. What a dancer! The sound was very good wherever you were and we had only a short burst of rain (2 songs). All in all it really was worth it. We were very grateful though that Michael does not play such venues with this number of people. We want to see him up close!

She finished just on time (there is a strict curfew in place – at 10:30 pm you must be done with your concert or they will pull the plug to protect residents against concert noise….). As there were some 60 000 people we dreaded the way out (don’t do crowds). But everything went really smoothly, we could walk at a leisurely pace out of the concert grounds and then through Hyde Park. No standing, no pushing and shoving, just a bunch of happy people talking about the concert while taking a night time stroll around London. The organisers had closed the whole Park Lane (which is HUGE) to accommodate all the concert goers on their way to the tube. Only Olympia cars were allowed. It was an amazing feeling to be walking along this massive Lane we usually only know from sitting in a car and dreading the mad traffic rush.

On earlier nights Michael was rather late getting out of the theatre. Should it have been the same way that very night we might even have caught him, but we did not try and went straight home, where we arrived a half past 11.

Yesterday we were back on track, meaning back at the Adelphi. We got to the stage door and met our friends. Naturally it was raining, as it usually does around stage door time, but this does not dampen the anticipation at all. There was a small crowd gathered and one fan had even made him an elaborate Sweeney birthday cake to take in. But we got ever closer to reporting time (the cast has to be in at a specific time) we knew he’d be late and in a mad rush. Shortly after 1pm Andrew arrived with Michael’s lunch, we suppose. He was rather surprised to hear Michael was not in already. Mad rush, definitely we thought now.

Traffic has been horrendous these past few days and he is a commuter after all. He finally came rushing down the street on foot, the driver having given up probably. Not a happy camper at all and somehow we had a feeling Sweeney would be especially ruthless tonight. But even though he was in SUCH a hurry he allowed for photos and was all sweet about the cake. This man is just too good to us fans. He definitely is!

And the show? Well, we thought it was just us, so we checked with our friends to make sure we all agreed and we did – these two performances and especially the one of Epiphany have been the absolute best we had ever seen it. Out of this world! So intense, so scary, very raw and just spellbinding. Just one example: When he throws Anthony out for hindering his murder of the judge we were close to running off as well, Sweeney was just THAT scary. Whenever you think he cannot get any better, he does. We sat there open mouthed (and thoroughly scared). Happily the crowd seemed to agree and the cast got a rousing reception both shows.


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