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Two Tracies
01/09/08 @ 06:56:57 pm, Categories: Shows, 244 words   English (US)

Tonight we wanted to make sure, we will be early, not to be in danger off missing parts of the show (which nearly happened the night before). Well ten minutes before curtain up, certainly is earlier (than 2 minutes late).

What we did not mention yesterday: Johnnie Fiori was off (no idea, if she is on holidays) and her understudy Sandra Marvin was on. Dermott Canavan (Male Authority Figure) was off as well. Michael told us, he was hit just before Monday Night’ show by a nasty stomach flu (Giving us more details than we wished for). His understudy was Adam Price and he did a great job. For the first time we understood everything he (The Male Authority Figure) said.

This was the same tonight plus Elinor Collett (Penny Pingleton) was off, sigh. Get well soon Elinor, we missed you.

And then minutes before the second half started there was an announcement made that Leanne (Tracy) was unable to continue her performance and Charlotte Riby would take over. She did a fantastic job, especially as she had no advance warning. We could hear Michael saying “well done!” to her at the curtain call. We hope Leanne will feel better tomorrow.

What has to be said is, that Sandra does a marvelous job as Motormouth Maybelle. The audience was much better than yesterday and there was quite a crowd when Michael left.

Looking forward to tomorrows matinee and Phantom in the evening.

Julia and Kerstin


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