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Cardiff - the show
06/13/11 @ 05:50:46 am, Categories: General, 457 words   English (US)

Michael leaves the stage during the New York medley (at the beginning of Fame). He makes his entrance during New York New York, where he elegantly walks down the steps, singing. And this time finished of with a little hop at the bottom. After finishing with an amazing money note, he admitted to almost slipped down those stairs and whose idea were they anyways, and “did you ever try to walk down stairs with a spot light” on yourself. “Whose idea was it anyways?” (we bet it was his).

Party time began a bit early. “Somebody to love” received a well-deserved standing ovation, which led to party time beginning one song too early as the front row just remained standing throughout “Avenues and Alleyways". The seats are very close to the stage anyways, so there was no mad rush to the stage. This must have been the most relaxed party time we ever had. We went to the stage at the beginning of “Pencil full of Lead” and it was nice to be able to dance with loads of space around you, with no one pushing from behind. A very calm affair. Fabulous!

We were amazed how the audience reaction changed throughout the concert. At the very beginning (and we were sitting in the fourth row on the aisle) hardly anyone around us stood up for the first song. It were basically the first two to three rows. The same goes for the usual standing ovations after “New York” Medley and “This is the moment". Many stood, just as many remained seated, but towards the end of the concert, when it was time to party: Boy, did they party! The floor was actually vibrating and moving under our feet, it was almost scary, but in a good way, if you know what we mean.

It was fantastic and wonderful show. He sounded so fantastic and it’s remarkable how effortless all these money notes seem. Just a great night.

Stage door afterwards was very interesting. They had cordoned off the stage door area. There were three security people, who btw. were very fierce throughout the concert and stopped people taking photos throughout the whole concert. So we did not bother.

When Michael finally arrived it was apparent that he was in a real hurry. He thanked everyone and said he was off to do some filming and needed to rush. Hence we have just one photo of the Ball in motion.

All in all it was great to be back in Wales and see Debbie again and the show of course. Another great memory.

Today is a day off and we are bound to explore the coast a bit. We will get back to you from Oxford tomorrow.


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