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Thursday, 19 July 2012
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As we got up on Thursday morning we feared for the worst. Early weather forecasts predicted heavy rain, thunderstorms and gusts. Not very promising, when it comes to stage door-ing. This morning finally all that changed and we were promised grey skies, no rain and temperatures around 20 °C. Those living through this year’s British summer know that it won’t get much better (well it will, once we leave the country, but let’s not go there). So, the weather should be nearly perfect. Warm-ish, dry and so we got dressed accordingly, but just when we wanted to leave our flat it started to rain heavily. Great! We changed into a warmer gear and left our flat.

Come the time to move to the stage door we had lovely sunshine and it was basically brilliant weather. Perfect timing as for the first time within this trip we did not have to have our brollies at the ready. There was no danger of rain. And then Michael arrived and we were so lucky that he was not in a rush.

This meant we had the time to congratulate him for his fabulous performance on Wednesday night. In our humble opinion it was the best of his Sweeney performance we had seen so far. He was brilliant, scary, menacing, dangerous, moving. He just WAS Sweeney. Outstanding performances, matinee and evening actually.

There were a couple of things we had to give him, other things we wanted to ask him and silly things we wanted him to do. The pictures on our website are the result. No, that was not the look we received when he saw it was us again at the stage door (phew!), but merely what you get when you ask him to look “mean and moody”. (someone had commented on one of our photos along the lines that he would look mean and moody as he wasn’t smiling [for once] and we thought oooooh no, he would look very different then LOL) He kindly obliged. Thank you Mr. B. You are a real star.
So yes, it was just a bit of harmless fun and he was ever so generous with his time to agree to this quick photo shoot. He was ever so patient with us “silly little Ninnynoddles” (Who can name the song this line is from? Guess the quote anyone?).

We are spoilt now, yesterday was the perfect stage door. Today it will be raining, but who cares?

The show itself was once again amazing. They were all on top form and we truly believe it belongs within the top 5 of our performances, if not Top 3. His voice sounds much better than it did last week and how he manages that with 8 performances a week and recurring bouts of hay fever is just beyond us.

We keep having weird audiences. On Wednesday we had a group of children who were just about the minimum age for Sweeney. We were a bit doubtful if it was the right show for them. Fascinatingly the worst behaved of them was their accompanying adult, who kept getting the sweet bag out, taking one or two sweets (loudly chewing them), neatly folding the plastic bag again and putting it into his shirts pocket, munching loudly on his sweets, before starting the whole procedure again.
Then there were the ladies behind us, who kept commenting on everything that happened on stage as if they were watching television in their living room – and with the same volume, too. Therefore it’s hard to understand why one rather tall guy in front of us had to stand up to see who was lying on stage, when Sweeney asked “You knew my Lucy lived?. We mean, the ladies behind us were discussing the fact that it was the beggar woman quite loudly and yet he had to stand up to make absolutely sure…we do live in a visual society apparently. Pointless manoeuvre anyways, as Sweeney continues to cradle her to himself, so everyone can then see it. Ah well.

We guess the most interesting part of the audience behaviour though is the reception of the whole show and the applause at the end. A rousing reception, people on their feet a very touched cast on stage. Just the way we want our curtain calls to be. Tumultuous is only adequate for the impressive display of immense talent we get treated to during every performance.

So today will be our last performance until the end of September (the dreaded last week), therefore it will be a sad day. Grey skies are appropriate.


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