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Thursday - 10 May 2012
05/10/12 @ 07:50:04 pm, Categories: General, 238 words   English (US)

We were stuck inside a cafe due to an unexpected and prolonged downpour and came to the stage door a bit too late. So sorry, no pics – but there wouldn’t have been any even if we had been on time – no weather to get a camera out.

The performance was amazing though. We have to say that Epiphany is still deliciously scary even after what - 15 times? Something like that, we need to count properly. He really IS demonic up there! Wonderfully appreciative audience. Much more so than on Wednesday evening. Two curtain calls and a solid standing ovation - that’s how we like out theatre evenings.

Afterwards we overheard Robert Burt (Pirelli) tell someone that he has a slight neck problem after his fight with Michael. This would have sounded really odd to someone who doesn’t know the production (Sweeney and Pirelli engage in a fistfight before Pirelli meets his untimely end…)!

We took two photos when he was coming out afterwards. Really don’t like flashing at him but we wanted you to get a glimpse of what he looked like at least to make up for missing out on the going in stage door.

Tomorrow is “Lunchtime with” and we are quite excited. These things usually happen when we cannot get to the UK, so we are in luck this time and naturally will try and report back with all the info.


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