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Stage Door Worries
01/12/08 @ 12:36:21 pm, Categories: General, 313 words   English (US)

Yesterday we were put through a stage door rollercoaster ride. We waited merrily for him at 4 pm..nothing…at 5…still nothing…at 6…nothing at all. Hum would we have the time to get back to the hotel and get changed?? 6:30: nope, definitely not. Still no sign of him. We went though all emotions known to humankind and ended up worried wrecks, imagining all sorts of things that had happened on his way to the theatre (latest reporting time apparently is 6:30…but he hadn’t called in sick. Someone went inside and asked.) At 6:47 he ran around the corner behind us. He stopped briefly and grinned: “I had you all worried now, hadn’t I?” INDEED! Turned out he had been to see Jonathan Pryce.

Now today was a very VERY busy stage door but when we finally afrrived (we went to the stage door already in our posh outfits, just in case!) he took his time and signed away happily.

Now we are back at the hotel from the matinee performance to change (again) but are even more worried then we were yesterday for today, he didn’t come out between shows. Andrew announced he wouldn’t (no one believed him for quite a while). We knew he had a bad, bad back. He told us so when he left the night before. So unsurprisingly this got worse and worse…now we are wishing and hoping he gets a lot better..and soon. Performance starts in less than one hour. It might be that we will leave the theatre unseen, we have been warned about that (which we think is very considerate as it’s freezing outside!!)…

So there you are. The latest from Hairspray…oh and Little Inez had to leave the matinee after the first act. Less and less dancers on the stage with half of them busy understudy-ing.

Talk to you after the show hopefully!


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