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Southampton – The Concert
06/19/11 @ 07:00:24 pm, Categories: General, 436 words   English (US)

It was great being back at the Mayflower again. We remembered many happy Hairspray Hours. We were sat in row C, centre block, at the aisle. Perfect seats (apart from front row obviously). It’s always fun to watch the entrance standing ovation in “Holding out for a hero”. You can tell exactly who bought their tickets in the pre-sale and who rather remained seated. Patches of eager fans everywhere, but everyone greeted Mr. Ball with the appropriate glee.

We had another group flash moment. So he will probably continue this at all the venues. It was not as mad as Bristol though.

From the second song on we knew he would do everything to try to keep Southampton forever in his concert schedule. They just loved him. All this excitement let to a few more embellishments during the Clint Eastwood Misty story. And he went on and on about the fan getting a bit scary, ignoring the restraining order, kept pointing, then abruptly stopped, laughed and said “Oh no, she looks all terrified now!” This was so much fun.

After the New York medley, when he went on how fabulous the gang was and how much younger than him and what talented singers they were , he finally exclaimed “Go home!”

Tonight the medley was a huge hit with the audience, meaning that almost every segment of the medley got its own round of applause.

The show tunes of the second half hit the spot and at one point we actually feared the young man in front of us would jump out of his seat out of excitement. Follow spot had a slight problem again, but as soon as Michael said “I’m in the dark, where am I?” the spot found him.

Naturally he thanked Southampton for the wonderful Hairspray experience he had there and everyone seemed truly sad that Edna had left the building and he would no longer shaving his parts.

This second half flew by so fast. The one moment he is Norma Desmond and the next we are in the middle of “Somebody to love”. Again the mad rush started with “Avenues and Alleyways”. It was a great party down there. The response he got was amazing and you could tell he was truly touched. He kept thanking the audience and he even promised that from now on they would come back every tour.

Southampton definitely got Michael there. The Royal Albert Hall next. Oooooh, scary! But we know it will be just as magical as every concert has been so far. Looking forward to London and talk to you soon.


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