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Southampton - 5 May 2013
06/05/13 @ 05:16:35 am, Categories: General, 285 words   English (UK)

We dropped Julia’s mum off at the airport and got to Southampton in time for the stage door (we had missed him going in at Hammersmith). His security person was a bit nervous even though we had hardly ever experienced a better behaved fan crowd. People even formed two orderly lines so he’d have a corridor to walk through.

The crowd at Southampton is always so appreciative that we love the concerts there. The theatre brings back wonderful Hairspray memories and you are really close to the not very high stage. Perfect setting for the intimacy of act 1! We marvelled at him for performing to such high standard after yesterday’s tour de force. You could hear the voice could do with some rest but this will only have been evident to those who have seen several shows. The crowd loved him and it was an utter delight from Edge of Glory to Wonder of You. We’ve sussed it out now, the secret is out, the game is up: Michael Ball is a super human. There is simply no other explanation how he can do this night after night with such perfection when it surely is the most taxing set list ever.

Another aspect some people might be interested in. The Photo Flash Opportunity has not made an encoure since Bournemouth. That’s because there were hardly any flash photos taken during the other concerts.

How he has earned this day off!

We are off to London now for Book of Mormon (thank you soooo much Arlene and Dee!!) and then it’s Cardiff next and the final leg of the tour. OOER. Only three concerts left. It doesn’t bear thinking about…


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