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Sometimes I think there is a third person in our marriage....
04/10/10 @ 03:21:24 am, Categories: General, 825 words   English (US)

Another day, another hotel . Thanks to our brilliant planning - or in this case not-thoroughly-thought-through planning - we had to check out of our first hotel by noon. Beforehand we only wanted to put our photos, video clips and the little report online. As you can see this didn’t work out: the tool we normally use to edit the photos refused to cooperate (hence the Picasa gallery) and the camcorder and laptop are not speaking with each other (they must have had a row between the tour and now as it worked wonderfully back then) and suddenly we only had 10 minutes left to check out before having to pay for a second night! Eek!

We managed to change the hotels more or less smoothly. Then we got ourselves tickets for Friday and Saturday… apart from the odd single seat there still had only been standing tickets. So we decided to go for them. At least we can finally start to learn the dance moves when we are behind everyone and in the dark (we only dance in the back when there is no one else standing next to us, don’t worry).

We had a wander around Cardiff Bay for a while, found food and beautiful views and then returned to the venue (as they provide very comfy seating). We didn’t have to wait alone for too long as we were joined by fellow fans and ended up having a great time chatting away happily, waiting for Michael’s arrival (only 5 of us there that day). When it got to half past five we had decided he probably went in through the other door which we couldn’t see from our position. You can imagine our stunned faces when he walked in at ten to six, all smiles and relaxed (the bunnies had been busy planning their pre-theatre shopping at Tesco’s mentally, so we really were not prepared to see the Ball. This is our excuse for being completely star struck and not managing to think straight when he suddenly appeared. After ten years of this you would think we get used to the occurrences…). He exchanged a few sentences with all of us and hinted there would be a photo of him in his new finale dress in the brochure before long (YAY!). No photos or video this time, sorry. It’s just wrong to point a camera in his face when there are so few of us.

We had what we have become to call “standing seats” in the dress circle this time. Those in the stalls were all sold out! As the standing area is further up but at the same time a lot closer to the stage than the one in the stalls, it wasn’t too bad.

This performance was special because on the left of the stage in a spotlight they had a lady who “translated” the show into sign language. It was fascinating to watch and more than once we caught ourselves watching only her and not the stage. We now know the sign for Hairspray, Bells and Ball. It was really interesting to try and interpret the various signs. Well, and then we got to Timeless To Me…. as you may imagine Michael couldn’t NOT comment. So when they got to the end of the song, where Edna usually tells Wilbur he needs to stop jiggling behind her or she couldn’t concentrate, instead she opted for something along the lines of “Oh darling, sometimes I have the feeling there is a third person in our marriage” and both of them then turned to the poor lady who was busy translating the subsequent one-liner exchange based on her presence. (Among them was what we think to have been a tongue twister! The poor woman…. But as the audience was laughing so loud at Michael and Les having…well, a ball, that it was hard to tell from up where we were. She managed it all with a smile and professional ease, of course. ) It was light-hearted banter, please don’t get us wrong. Hilariously funny!

At the end of the show she got her exclusive bow and sufficient cheers from the audience and applause from the cast.

Stage door-ing was okay, as there were fewer people there. At first it looked as if Michael would leave without coming back into the building (where we all waited) but he then re-appeared and took his time despite having guests (when we left we could still hear him laughing somewhere in the foyer, so we assume they had a bit of a party there).
Today, Saturday, the sun is shining into our hotel room, we are showered and packed and will move to a hotel around the corner before going to the stage door. Should you need a hotel recommendation for Cardiff in the future, just ask us, we have seen them all! ;-)
Talk soon!


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