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Sheffield – 27 April 2015
28/04/15 @ 08:29:33 am, Categories: General, 853 words   English (UK)

It wouldn’t be a tour without typing a blog entry whilst driving to the next venue. Well, Kerstin is driving and Julia typing, just in case you were worried there for a moment.

Now, Sheffield. Finding the venue proved to be a little bit tricky to put it mildly. Our sat nav has been on tour with us for a very long time which means it is ten years old. And traffic layouts do change. And never did we get to experience this phenomenon more than in Sheffield. We have never been tp the city (yay! A new tour venue for us!) and spent an awful lot of time panicking because of the many bus lanes and non-existent roundabouts. We had given up all hopes of finding either venue or hotel when all of a sudden there it was: the City Hall. And parked in front of it was one of the two tour busses. HEUREKA! AND there was a small car park right next to the stage door. Another first: our car could experience the joy of stage door-ing with us! We got out and it was glorious sunshine. A good sign surely. The very helpful local fans even pointed us into the direction of our hotel (thank you again!) but once you are at a stage door you don’t leave. It’s a olden rule. So we waited. And waited. And then waited some more. The weather changed from sunshine to small clouds to bigger clouds and then grey skies and cold wind. We got both our jackets out of the car and waited a little more. He arrived at 4:30. There were quite a few fans by that time and a gentleman had a huge stash of newspaper cuttings he asked Michael to sign. So there he stood and signed away. And one point he looked up and said: You can talk among yourselves now, Ladies.
It all was a bit rushed as he still needed to do the sound check obviously and then there are the meet and greets at around 5pm. But everyone got their photos and autographs, of course.

The Show

We sat in row five and had a great view. The stage is not too high and the crowd was very keen on Mr Ball. From the first notes you could hear that the day’s rest did his voice a lot of good. Sheffield loved him from the word go and it promised to be a very happy evening.
The “Michael in his teens as a punk” story is evolving. He let us know that his dad was livid when he (Michael) had his ear pierced with 15 (his dad was in the audience, too). We love the look on people’s faces when Michael says he hated punk music but would still do three Sex Pistols songs next! Just kidding, of course (we are sure it would be fun though!). When he did his Michael-Crawford-sings-Sex-Pistols impersonation he remembered an incident back in the early Phantom days. He said Callum will remember it, too, as he was working there at the time (it’s where they met). The held open auditions for the cast change and Michael sneaked in as last singer, in disguise and then sang a few Phantom songs in Michael Crawford’s voice, which he then did for us, well, a few lines. It was hysterical. The woman behind us was crying with laughter.

The whole evening was wonderful. At last a truly appreciative audience again. We would say second best we have seen after legendary York.

We couldn’t take many photos as one of the ushers thought we used a professional camera (we wish!!) which he very kindly explained in the interval. We should feel flattered, we suppose. Professional photographers are only allowed to take pictures during the first three songs (we know that, now we only need to find someone who is paying us for our efforts LOL). He said the artist especially requested for no flash photography (we wouldn’t dream of it), no mobile phones or tablet PCs and no filming. Just for your interest. Sadly the artist had not specified the permitted lense length ;-). But that was fine as we already had a few nice shots to share with you all.

A second innovation came in form of a selfie stick. “I have a very long one..” getting it all to work proved a little difficult though and resulted in the mobile phone taking a first and not so tentative step onto the stage, well, okay, it fell on the stage. But only once and it survived. We even had a countdown to the actual photo to get ready for it. It turned out nicely as you can see on his twitter account.

Sheffield was rounded off by a chat with the ever charming Tony Ball after the concert. And yes, everyone who met Michael’s dad knows where he got it all from. He looked fabulous (two words: Slimming World).

A great evening had by all and we are curious what Bristol will bring.


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