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Royal Albert Hall Stage Door
06/22/11 @ 11:20:44 am, Categories: General, 273 words   English (US)

We are just back at the hotel to get changed for the concert.

We spent the morning taking a backstage tour through the Royal Albert Hall and we are glad we did it. Quite impressive and interesting. The added bonus was that we could keep looking at Michael’s elegant set, which our guide aptly described as slick and with having a night-club feeling to it and everybody (there were 20 people)agreed. While we were at the very top of the hall, the gallery where the promenaders can stand for the Prom concerts, they were just having a light test and we were astonished what fantastic light tricks this clever stage can do (we don’t see half of it durgin the actual show). Amazing. We were shown around, but naturally there was not chance to get on the stage or into the dressing rooms (so be still all beating hearts out there), but nevertheless it was great to see this dressing room door with the MICHAEL BALL sign outside and topicture him taking this route onto the stage.

After that we had a stroll through the Victoria and Albert museum, just to be back at the stage door five minutes before Michael arrived. As he was extremely early, it was still very empty and we were maybe 15 people (?!). He looked gorgeous and asked if we had heard the radio show, which must have been hilarious according to him.

He took his time for photos an quick chats and was just ever so kind and giving before he had to go in. So now off to have another Ball. Will come back to you tonight!


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