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Portsmouth Stage Door - Wet Wet Wet
06/17/11 @ 12:08:18 pm, Categories: Pre Stage Door, 307 words   English (US)

For us it was another typical Portsmouth stage door. Just as the Met Office had predicted: 4pm saw the beginning of heavy rain showers.

At school we were taught the saying: “It’s raining cats and dogs". Now we know what it means. Quite amazingly the crowd was bigger than the one in Ipswich, where it was a fine dry day. As we stood there for an hour in pooring rain and gusts of icy wind, we wondered more than once whether we could explain this sort of behaviour to a non-fan. Probably not.

Eventually the band started arriving. Twice we were told that we were very brave and this just shows how bad it was. Whenever we thought it eased off a little it just came back with a vengeance, completely soaked to the skin. That’s what we were.

Another first time: A crew member came out and handed small packets of crisps to everyone. This was so kind. Finally at 5pm the bus arrived. We were quite impressed with how he reversed through very narrow gates. Not a job we’d want! We all were sure that in this weather, Michael would simply wave and dash off and quite rightly so. But oh no, he got an umbrella got out, we all formed a nice line at the open gate and he came to chat for a short while.

This was so sweet of him, okay, so he called us all “drowned rats", but we feel this was appropriate. We could not get the proper camera out in all the rain, but managed a few shots with the mobile phone. Sorry about that, but we did not want to risk damaging our equipment, as has happened before … and yes that was as well in Portsmouth.

Enjoy piccies and we will get back to youz after the show!


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