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Oxford - 14/06/2011
06/14/11 @ 07:52:46 pm, Categories: General, 369 words   English (US)

What a fantastic night!! Oxford just LOVES Michael. Best audience reaction we had so far (see “Michael cuddles the audience” photo).

Fab night! Okay, so he had to start On Broadway again because he and the band were out of synch but that was much fun. He laughed (tho we know he is not too keen on things going wrong) and took it in his stride of course.

Lots of joking about him as young, virile, handsome Marius and the fact that he could still play this part of course…

A couple came late – sometime after Bad Things - and they had the misfortune to arrive between two songs and Michael naturally commented, saying something about along the lines of “you missed loads”. Mental note: never be late for a Michael Ball concert and try sneaking in unnoticed. He WILL comment.

We were at the side, on the aisle, in front row. Just about perfect. Voice was fine and they didn’t mind photos so we took a few (without a flash of course and with the display switched off). We hope you enjoy them!

There was an orchestra pitch (band was on stage as always of course) so there was no hand holding/fan kissing during the Elvis number.

The day was perfect not least because we were joined by our darling friend Angela and had a fab stage door (unusual for Oxford he didn’t just step out from the bus and into the building but instead got out of the bus at the end of the lane and walked past all the gathered fans). We finally got to say a proper hello to Sandra and Adrian and the sun has finally made an appearance. It was the first proper summer day we had on this trip.
We noticed the windscreen of the coach was damaged. This must have happened sometime between Cardiff and Oxford. It looks dangerous and expensive. It must be difficult to drive this huge bus on the wrong side (it’s an Austrian tour bus).

Tomorrow we will head off to Ipswich - and upload the stage door photos from Oxford. Running late again (1:45 am) so we concentrated on the concert ones first.


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