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On the road again
06/10/11 @ 06:44:40 pm, Categories: General, 588 words   English (US)

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fantastic review of the first Birmingham concert as we only just arrived… after the concert, but that was planned.

So let’s see, how has our trip been so far? (prepare for a long moan)

Julia flew over to Kerstin in the early morning (after a very long night of frantic packing), so we could travel together to Birmingham. First problem: Her luggage weighed 22 kilos (it’s 17 days after all!!) - but the airline allowed only 20 which meant she had to repack at the check-in desk at her airport in front of a VERY long queue and with hand luggage that was already full to bursting (yes, I am aware of the fact that 70 % of the clothes will travel back home without having been worn once…but it’s 17 whole days and 12 concerts!). Sqeezed a pair of evening shoes and some bits and bobs into her now worrisomely bulky hand luggage and the kind check-in person let her pass. Phew.

Arried at Kerstin’s: Rain. A few hours of frantic packing (Kerstin) and tired staring at the TV(Julia) later we were on our way to Dusseldorf airport on the train (with two very large and heavy suitcases and heavy hand luggage…it felt like a small move. Why oh why do we always take the entire wardrobe?? Will we ever learn? Nah, guess not.

Once we got on our way we were joined by a huge group of young, very drunk and very loud Dutch boys, who added the fun to the fact that we had to stand for the whole train ride. Fed up before we even started? You bet.

It was equally crowded at the airport, security and at the gate, but at least we eventually got seats there. So everything was fine…. Until Julia handed her ticket and passport to the steward, who greeted her, took her ticket, told her they had to change our seats for technical reasons. Great. and then he ripped her ticket apart and handed her a new one. Guess what? Of course we were not meant to sit together anymore. Which is really fabulous as for the first time ever we paid money beforehand to choose our seats! So we basically bought them half a year ago and now they separated us. Thank you Flybe, that’s what I call service and rest assured we want our money back!

Good news. Lovely lady sitting next to Julia agreed to swap places with Kerstin. Happy Bunnies.

Then we got our luggage, intact and everything, got to the car rentals and weyhey, got an upgrade and now we are driving a sparkling new Volkswagen Golf, which feels extremely like home. So all’s good? Nope! 11 years of travelling and rest assured there is always something very important Kerstin manages to leave at home. This time it’s the Sat Nav! GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Let’s put it this way, we printed route planners, just in case… and it said the trip would last 22 minutes, but we managed to make 45 out of it, because we just could not find the blxxdy hotel.

So, yes, here we are, back in England, back in Birmingham and back on tour. And tomorrow we will try our best to get to Avis and ask for a sat nav. Fingers crossed.

On a happy note. We are glad Michael is feeling a bit better and able to perform. Get fighting fit again soon MIchael and we hope it went well for you.

So Tour 2011, we are coming to get ya!


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