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Michael's Back
01/12/08 @ 05:28:33 pm, Categories: General, 157 words   English (US)

We are just back at the hotel and what can we say?

He did not cancel the performance and even though we knew he was suffering and feeling really, really bad you could not tell. He was as flamboyant as ever! As we expected though he left through another entrance, because he was feeling so bad. Andrew and Tony (his dad) told us all how very sorry he was and we know they are right!

But hey, no grudge, we had a wonderful stage door nevertheless.

We met wonderful fans and all the cast were so great and Andrew is such a sweetheart. We will have to change our “Who’s’Who"-page for him actually ;D

The show was wonderful as ever. Everyone in great form. The audience loving it. Well Hairspray, what can you say, is just what it is. Wonderful.

Back home tomorrow, big sigh. Michael, thank you for a lovely week and get well soon!


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