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07/25/09 @ 12:47:56 pm, Categories: General, 263 words   English (US)

We have just returned to our hotel room to get changed. What an experience!

The stage door road (feels more like a lane) was blocked off by a police line for today. Thank god for that! What a crowd, plus a camera team, filming material for Michael’s new DVD And three security guards AND two police cars! All this for a man coming to work on his last day in the job!

The matinée was SUCH good fun! We will report properly tonight (to cheer ourselves up)…but let’s say this: we now know how Ben’s chest looks like without a shirt blocking the view (rather delicious, it has to be said), we also know the entire range of MB merchandise and how Michael sounds when he is panting with… how shall we put it? delight perhaps…

It was hysterical! We took notes, so will get back to you with all the (gory) details.

Between shows Michael leaned out of one of the theatre windows. he said he’d not sign anything as there were far too many people there, but just like when he arrived, one pleading fan succeeded in begging him into signing her programme and then mayhem broke lose and the poor man was trapped signing dozens of programmes for people. A security guard had to hold them up for him, so he could lean on the window sill and sign away. What a spectacle. Loads of photos to follow…

But now we have to go as Michael put it so neatly: “tonight is for real".

Talk to you later!


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