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Manchester - 22 July 2010
07/22/10 @ 07:49:42 am, Categories: Pre Stage Door, 180 words   English (US)

Yesterday evening - after a really long journey - we arrived in Manchester. Promptly got lost and ended up on the Ring Road no less (we should mention that we don’t have a car, so yes, we always end up being lost on the Ring Road).

Finally found the hotel and the stage door. It was a bit chilly considering that we left from 35 ° C and sunshine, but never mind.

Much to our surprise we met Fran and Audrey whom we thought we would miss by one day. What fun we had and girls we really hope you got home okay. Michael was one of the first to be out with the fans he was all smiles and it felt great to be back. The stage door is rather narrow and there is a scaffolding. It really feels like home.

Today no rain as yet even though the Metoffice gave a severe weather warning. There was a small crowd and when he arrived he took time for everyone. Enjoy the photos we have taken and talk to you after Hairspray.


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