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London - RAH - 22 June 2011 - Concert
06/22/11 @ 09:01:57 pm, Categories: General, 862 words   English (US)

Quote from Michael Ball on Twitter after the first RAH concert:

“That was one of the best nights on a stage I have ever had. Amazing audience at the RAH and we get to do it again tomorrow. I am blessed:)xx”

Couldn’t agree more, but could it be just as good as the first one or even better? Really hard to believe, but we were just too willing to find out.

Our seats were again on the fifth row, but this time smack bang in the middle. Disadvantage: People in front of you, Advantage: great view, if the people in front of you are not too tall.

You know the standard bits of the tour script by now. Coming to the Misty story Michael amazed us with some German, when he compared himself with Clint Eastwood, saying they could be doppelgangers (yes, we know it is common overhere as well but still made us smile). Then he continued with the restraining order and the bad boy had a go at the poor lady, who did not know what hit her.

He pointed at her and went through with the restraining order story with a lot of gusto going on an on about this particular fan going too far until he finished with a gleeful: “She’s looking panick-stricken right now…and so she should be: The police is just there!” (pointing to the end of the hall). Poor thing!

What can we say about the show? The longer we keep being with the tour, the quicker the concerts are over. You barely sat down after Holding out for a Hero and just a minute later Michael sings “Weekend in New England” an the first half is over. And this is actually the same with the second half.

There were no major glitches (apart from his microphone that was not switched on when he got back on stage for the encore but this was solved after one line).

Funnily enough the jokes that tended to give him the biggest reactions at the other venues went without any laughter or at least much less (where we were sitting). One example for this would be his comment about New York being his second favourite city etc. No real reaction eventhough this time he really means it! London is his home after all. No reaction whatsoever at the mention of teh 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis but cheers for the 25th.

Apart from that, everything went perfectly well. He received so much applause and cheering, it was just fab. They absolutey loved every second of it. And when party time started they pulled out all the stops. The noise was deafening and Michael was enjoying himself immensely. He seemed so hyped up, we are pretty sure he won’t be able to sleep for another couple of hours.

Once we reached the point where “Love changes Everything” started, Michael told us that one of his biggest heroes was in attendance. Someone whom he owes a lot and without him, he might not be here (on stage) and who has written this next song. Of course he was talking about Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who was in a box somewhere in the back of the Hall. One of the most amazing renditions we ever heard of “Love changes Everything” was to follow. Breathtakingly beautiful.

The evening flew by and was over far too soon. He raised the roof tonight-and considering that this very roof weighes 600 tons (see, we have been at this very informative venue tour) this is an incredible achievement. The Great Ball On Fire, that’s what he was. Hopefully the three remaining venues can compete with the amount of (well-deserved) excstasy of the RAH crowd (mind you 5000 people can make some noise ineed…this will be diffecult at a smaller venue).

Now coming to the initial question as to whether this second night could even beat the first. He was in top form and Michael Ball at his prime is delightful for both, ears an eyes! Also apart from the usual show stoppers “Love changes” and the Sunset Bouleavard songs were sublime (a lot of extra care as the composer was present) and the audience reaction was definitely equal to the one before. The first night was extra special though. Oh we cannot decide an call it a tie.

As to the man himself, what can we say? He looks amazing, as you can tell from the photos. Sometimes even as if he were in his mid-thirties and after two nights of outrageously wonderful singing his voice did not show any real signs of strain. A phenomenon if ever there was one.

Plus we had one added bonus: The magic of the Royal Albert Hall. This place is immensely beautiful, huge and at the same time intimate, with all the history of the place and all its splendor it really always is quite an experience and a privilage to just be there. We vow we will not let another decade go by before returning to the RAH!

Will any of the remaining venues be able to top these two concerts? We will keep you posted.


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