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London - 21/06/11
06/21/11 @ 08:44:26 pm, Categories: General, 1242 words   English (US)

What can we say? Wow! The RAH concert was just out of this world. If you may allow though, we might fill you in on what happened over the last two days.

Our mothers had seen Michael in Hairspray before, but they had never seen him live on stage in concert as himself. So, when the tour was announced and we knew Michael would do the Royal Albert Hall, we knew we had to get them into this fantastic venue so they could finally see and understand what all the fuss was about. Yes, they had met him and they liked him quite a lot on and off stage, but you know just how blxxxdy brilliant Michael is in concert.

So fast forward to last Monday, we finally collected Julia’s mum from Heathrow. Due to unforeseen circumstances Kerstin’s mum could not make it unfortunately, but her time will come as well.

As Monday was one of our few Michael-less days, we needed to find some other occupation for the evening. With brilliant timing we had read before leaving home that Rupert Everett would be doing Pygmalion in London in June. A quick check and moments later fabulous seats were booked.

As a Michael connection: Rupert had done the play in Chichester. So when we sat down and flicked through the programmes it was a nice surprise to find a “Sweeney Todd” advertisement inside. Pygmalion was great and Rupert Everett was just everything you would expect. Diana Rigg did a great job as Prof. Higgins’ mother, but a special mention has to go to Kara Tointon. She was just amazing.

However, the weird part came when the show was over and we decided to see if the stage door would really be just next door to the exits and it was. We waited for a bit and finally got signatures of Rupert Everett and Diana Rigg, who obligingly signed programmes and posed for photos although it had just started to rain ever so slightly. Kara Tointon signed as well and was just so lovely and easy to chat with. Glad we did it.

Okay, but now you want to know about today. No stage door report and photos today. We skipped this one as we were invited to the wedding of our friends Helge and Petra. They are fans from Germany as well and decided to marry in London in a little German church close to Harrods. It has been the most amazing day. Thank you both for allowing us to share this special occasion with you! We even had a sightseeing tour in a special bus and a wonderful dinner in Chelsea. The sun was shining, the service was just beautiful (we all got to sing Love Changes Everything!!) and there were a few other fans from the UK, the States and France there so it was a truly international affair.

The seats we had were just brilliant. Arena to the left hand side in the fifth row, which was effectively the third row and for Kerstin even a front row, as she had no one in front of her.

We took our seats, enjoyed the view and could not believe to be back at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time in almost 11 years. Fate would have it that he either did the Hammersmith Apollo or we could not come to London when he had appeared at the Hall in recent years. So as you can imagine we were quite excited to be back and Julia’s mum was so in awe to be at such a famous place….pre-concert nerves on our part….cannot even imagine how Michael will have felt!

Michael burst on stage and you could tell the Royal Albert Hall was special to him. And what a welcome home he received! After either “Bad Things” or “Don’t stop believing”, we cannot remember just now, Michael turned to his band and singers, pointed over his shoulder and exclaimed excitedly “The Royal Albert Hall!”. His excitement was infectious. You just could not help but smile back. Lots of dimple action and we could not believe how close he was and how low the stage was. We had forgotten about the dimensions of the arena. London just loved every second of it and Michael truly gave us his all. How he does it we will never know: song after song, money note after money note delivered with utter perfection. We screamed ourselves hoarse and were by far not the only ones making a noise. Kerstin sat at the receiving end of the Misty/restraining order pointing and nearly broke Julia’s hand LOL

We have said it before but it is a bizarre phenomenon that we go to a concert to be (sublimely) entertained on the one hand but on the other hand our main goal is to show our appreciation to this incredible performer. And the happier he is with the reception he gets the better we feel about a concert and so both sides of the stage keep egging each other on to new heights. This happened tonight. With every roar or applause or standing ovation he seemed to be trying even harder to impress and we all tried to show even more appreciation… It was bliss. Those endless money notes or silky lows…suffice to say that by the end of act 1 Julia’s mum sat there open mouthed and speechless (and she has seen all his concert DVDs several times and enjoyed them immensely. But there is nothing, nothing whatsoever that compares to experiencing Michael live on stage. We knew that of course ;)). She could not believe how any singer could be this perfect, how a voice can be this versatile and how loud a proper money note REALLY is. It was such joy to see her excitement.

The show tunes did go down very well indeed with the already ecstatic crowd and it seemed like mere minutes until we came to party time. This time he even said something along the lines of “join in on the fun” for Avenues and Alleyways as everyone was dashing to the front anyways. We managed to position Julia’s mum directly at the stage so she was as close as possible. And he rocked the Hall!

Everyone was on their feet and before the encore the stalls seemed to explode with the stamping of feet to call him back on stage. He was so touched it was adorable to watch. Makes you want to hug him – very tightly. Genuine delight in our host’s face and lots of figurative audience hugging as he asked us all to do him a favour and come back tomorrow. Well, most of us fans will most happily oblige. It was the perfect concert.

We were once more amazed at the sheer force of the final few lines of Love Changes Everything after he had delivered this tour de force of a concert. 2 hours flown by like nothing at all. All too soon he was off the stage and we were left to leave the Hall in a happy daze. Met many friends at the VERY busy stage door and after a long wait and the late arrival of his car we waved him off for tonight.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. We will get back to you as soon as possible with further news from beautiful London.


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