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Leanne and Elinor still off
01/10/08 @ 06:31:44 pm, Categories: General, 202 words   English (US)

Another lovely stage door experience….. Well, if you enjoy windy (going on stormy) and wet. But, hey we are in London, we see Michael and we know it’s a privilege. Plus we had wonderful time (hi Angela) and even more lovely company (you know who you are ;D).

When Michael arrived he happily signed everything people wanted him to sign and posed for a photo for the website, which will be added once we are back…. we just don’t have the time at the moment, sorry. He seemed happy and well and as usual seeing him increased the anticipation of seeing the show. We still had all the understudies and even one more as Adam Price (Walking Cover Male Authority Figure, MAF) was off as well as the original MAF. Leanne was missing as well.

Despite all that it was a wonderful matinee with a mixed audience reaction. Not as good as yesterday’s, but still better than Tuesday’s.

Afterwards we saw Michael coming out signing things although it was raining quite a bit. What a sweetheart.

Sadly we did not see the evening performance as we did some research and saw Phantom of the Opera instead.

Off to bed now, talk tomorrow


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