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Ipswich Stage Door
06/15/11 @ 12:18:17 pm, Categories: General, 318 words   English (US)

After a fabulous last night and a great time with Angela, we had to get her to the train station and get on our way to Ipswich.

Everything went smoothly. Well, once we were in Ipswich and received our tickets (front row, dead centre, but well…. the auto cue might mean we will only be able to listen to the concert, fingers crossed we will see though)… Kerstin’s mum phoned to tell her that someone English phoned, all she understood was Travelodge as she does not really speak English. So now we have to find out, what this all was about. Fingers crossed, we will have a hotel tonight!

When we got to the “stage gate” (just cannot call it stage door), Michael’s still damaged bus left. Ten minutes later, when we were still alone it got back, but no Michael inside. He finally arrived in the second bus with the other singers.

We actually asked Michael’s bus driver what happened to the bus and he said a lorry reversed into it the other night, when he was asleep in it. They are going to get the damaged window repaired tomorrow.

So, the bus with Michael entered through the gates and by the time Michael got out the gates were closing again, sadly! He commented, that this is how he likes his fans: Behind bars. And then somehow the gate opened again. Leaving him shouting: Are you mad, opening these gates? But we were only a small crowd and behaved. This means we all remained standing as if there were gates and he stood in the middle and chatted to us all.

Various people commented on the great set list and he agreed, adding that it was very demanding. We believe him! So many money notes. It was a very relaxed affair and after a few minutes he left for the sound check.

So that’s it for now.


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