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Ipswich Concert
06/15/11 @ 08:24:32 pm, Categories: General, 693 words   English (US)

First things first: the auto cue was not ideally placed for taking photos (they made an announcement saying no flash photography and we really did not see many go off. It was great!) but the view was fine as the stage was not too close.

There were not too many people on their feet when Michael made his entrance but he nevertheless received a warm welcome. Ipswich is always good fun and tonight was the same. During Bad Things the ladies sitting in the first row of the side block went completely wild when he approached them. We loved that of course as this is one of our favourites…and really oh so naughty.

Michael seemes relaxed and chatty and the voice was in fine form. And you know what it’s like: the more the audience gives the more we receive - some of these notes were out of this world.

The Misty story was back complete with retraining order and pointing at fan and tonight the follow spot worked perfectly (in Oxford it came on much too late and Michael - in complete darkness - said that it was rather dark here….no reaction “Hello!?!” and then it finally came on).

Really, really loving the New York section (and have to admit we prefer Laura’s Empire State of Mind to the original actually)! All the gang are so talented. After Michael was back on stage he said how wonderful they all were, very attractive, bright future ahead…"they make me sick” LOL Yeah, we feel you…nah, just kidding of course. A joy for the eyes and the ears indeed.

Did we already mention the fantastic light concept of the show? Probably, but we hope you will see for yourself on some of the pictures.

Oh and there was a photographer there for the opening number. So watch out for tomorrow’s newspapers local fans! Sadly we are already en route to Portsmouth ourselves.

Can we just say again hhow much we love Sunset Boulevard? It’s not a mere song anymore it’s a short play! We are now spoilt forever of course, no one else can sing and perform that one like him.

Dito “Somebody to Love". The arrangement is fantastic and it’s alomost overwhelmingly brilliant.

The party time was so much fun. The place went completely crazy! BUT it was not a pushy affaire. Or at least not at the stage, we couldn’t say about further back. You had room to wriggle but everyone was down there having a good time.

The intro to One Step Out of Time is a bit different this tour. Love the new elegance of those first lines.

And that last note of Love Changes…? To die for - how he manages that after 2 hours of singing is an utter mystery to us. But thank you so much for working so hard for us all!

Afterwards we floated back to the “stage gate". Quite a crowd already there. The gates were open which was unusual, but as musicians and staff left through there with their cars it could not be helped. We could see that near to the bus a small group of people in wheelcharis were waiting for Michael with programmes ready. We were so pleased for them as often at places like Ipswich with gates instead of doors soemone who cannot stand and fight to the front will hardly ever get an autograph. Michael got out to them almost unnoticed by the large crowd waiting on the outside of the gates but then you could see flashlights from the cameras down there and suddenly most people started rushing down to the bus and Michael. This sadly meant that the time the little group had with him was shortened drastically as he practically ran to the bus saying he had to leave and thanks everyone for coming and was gone.

Apart from this little incident of fan madness it was a most enjoyable evening and we look forward to returning for the next tour. Always a great crowd in Ipswich. :)

Day off tomorrow with some sightseeing and then he will come and get Portsmouth. Can’t wait!


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