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Hairspray Cardiff 11 April
04/11/10 @ 08:31:45 am, Categories: General, 235 words   English (US)

Just back in our hotel after what has to be called the perfect stage door….still floating actually. We met up with our friend Angela (and say hi to her hubby Darren and sweet son Jayme), so have been there rather early. And while the three of us were sitting in the foyer chatting away happily suddenly the Ball walks up to us and says hi (broad grin on his face, we must have been quite a sight, staring at him as if he were an apparition). Usually he is rather late, so we didn’t in a million years expect him to be there. And having him walk up to us was a whole new experience. Just wow.
He told us he would have to dash straight out after the show as he has to be in London at 8 pm and would we please give his apologies to people afterwards. But of course we would! Naturally this was not a photo moment; we only took one of him with Angela and had a lovely relaxed chat. It was….perfect. No other word for it. Thank you Michael!

And thank you Angela. She really is our lucky charm. Always very special stage doors when we meet up with her. She has to travel with us now all the time!

Now we got changed and are ready to leave for our last Hairspray for a month.


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