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Glasgow - 25 April 2015
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Glasgow – 25 April 2015

We are back in Scotland. During our Highland holiday last year we fell completely in love with this wonderful country, so really looking forward to spend some days here (we will spend the day off in Edinburgh). Beautiful weather at the stage door, just very very cold wind. We passed the waiting time with chatting to friends and thanks to a group effort of almost everyone at the stage door we hope we managed to get a lovely reminder of or first proper tour with little Malia and her fabulous parents Helge and Petra.

The Show

For this concert we had what probably will be the best seats on the tour. Front row, centre block, stage not too high, fan heaven. “Boarding” for the Clyde Auditorium was …. Let’s say a new experience. WE had to queue to get into the stalls and when we finally reached the doors a rather bossy usher barked at us whether we three were together and to turn left and go to the front row. We felt like saluting. Also the musicians and guest singers walked on stage long before the circle was completely seated. This resulted in a very meager applause for them.

Because of the acoustics of the venue it is hard to say anything of the audience reception as we hardly heard a peep from behind us. Again not everyone on their feet. We actually hesitated for a moment, because you are always torn between showing your appreciation and blocking everyone’s view. But then thought: What the heck.

We can’t begin to describe how much we love those seats. Even though there is a bit of a gap between the seat and the stage. The stage itself is not very high and it feels like having your own personal private concert. You also do feel a bit on display. We found ourselves sitting more upright, smiling like loons and only getting or bottle out to drink when it was completely necessary, as you never want to show any signs as if you are not appreciating the show in front of you.

We think that having three concerts in a row is quite a grueling schedule and you could make out that the voice might need a rest. That said the other concert goers would have noticed a thing, because he sounded beautiful. Just here and there was a bit of huskiness, which we quite selfishly enjoy. WE think while it is wonderful for us, who travel along with the tour, for the performers two nights one day off schedule would maybe be a bit more the considerate schedule.

Party-time meant we had to run to the stage because otherwise our view would have been blocked (see afore mentioned gap). We usually don’t like that too much because of all the pushing and shoving involved. Mind you seeing him up close does compensate you for it. Still this occasion it was a very wide stage, huge gap between the monitors, one of them we had reached with some ease, plenty of room for the others and yet we experienced the nastier sides of “fan behavior”. Kerstin found herself to be constantly shoved aside by a very eager young woman, who had reached the stage just a second after us and could have stood there peaceful just next to us, but seemed so freaked out that she could not get her preferred spot for what we assume would be the kiss in “Wonder of You” (which fyi happens at different places on the stage each night), that at one point, when Kerstin refused to be pushed into Julia and Petra, this woman turns and shouts “You f***ing B***h!”. Well that was a first… definitely. Being insulted while what certainly should be the most fun part of the concert, was bizarre. After “the kiss”, when a lucky lady right on the other side of the stage was kissed, the pushing and shoving ceased miraculously. The only cause of action in such a course is of course to turn away and completely ignore this behavior, just was a bit of a shock to see what a bit of alcohol and hormonal frenzy can do to people.

Apart from this incident though it was a great evening – still not York though. We might have a winner for this tour. But we will give Sheffield a chance to convince us otherwise.
Now off to Edinburgh. We already suffer from severe weekday and city disorientation, a typical tour occurrence. After a few cities and venues you lose all sense of what day it is and where the last concert was (we always feel it at its most acute when stamping the photos with the place name and find ourselves at an utter loss). We cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for himself!

Talk to you again after Sheffield! 


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