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Friday - DVD News
07/23/10 @ 06:39:37 pm, Categories: General, 328 words   English (US)

Shortly before we left home the fan club had sent out the information that this Friday there would be a camera team filming at the stage door for a new DVD release. This is why we got there early expecting a huge crowd. Imagine our surprise when even at five o’clock there were only about ten fans. The camera team consisted of two nice blokes who told us all kinds of niceties about Mr. Ball. They told us that they would be following him around a bit, filming also at the BBC (Sunday Brunch) and on one of his TV show dates. Michael himself has already been inside the theatre, but got out, talked to everyone and left for dinner. When he got back we had a nice, but rather quick stage door. We managed a few photos anyways.

The show:
Tonight we sat in the very front row of the Gallery. It was incredible how much closer we felt. What can we say? Show fab, audience fab, evening fab. The stage door afterwards was incredibly busy. After a few quiet days we are dreading tomorrow a bit.
What was funny though was that after saying good night to us all Michael and Andrew walked up half the street that leads to the pub only to stop midway and walk back towards us all (we had flashbacks of a similar situation at a Southampton stage door). While walking past he informed us all that he changed his mind and did not feel like going to the pub anymore. And off he went.

Tomorrow will be a long day for not only do we have to move hotels, but there are also two shows and our last Hairspray for quite a while (till the end of November). And the other hotel we won’t have internet in the room, but we will try our best to keep you updated throughout the day anyways.

Take care and talk soon.


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