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Friday, 26 November 2 – The Show
11/26/10 @ 07:08:09 pm, Categories: General, 311 words   English (US)

Imagine our surprise when the curtain went up and we had another Tracy. It must be very hard to be understudy for a main character, but we have to say that Dina Tree did really well. No one who has not seen the show before will have noticed the difference.

This time there were no sound problems, but a lot of Hairspray cans which misbehaved. Also Velma lost one of her shoes during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. She put it back on very elegantly after holding it in one hand for quite a while. Apart from that everything went smoothly.

We were amazed by the incredible audience reaction. All around us people almost collapsed with laughter. The final applause was like nothing we have heard before. The place went completely wild. It’s no wonder Michael loves the Irish audiences.

Afterwards there was quite a crowd and so many people were taking photos, that we thought: What the heck. So yes we did it. A few photos to show you what the Ball looks like at the moment (nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice!). It was freezing cold. It actually seems to get worse every night. Wind chill is minus 7. You know it’s winter when you pray for a stage door to be over quickly. An explicit Thank You for Michael on behalf of everyone there for taking his time despite the icy wind. How he manages to smile on all these photos when it’s so desperately cold is quite a minor miracle. We were very busy not shaking so much that we drop the camera equipment. But you know what? It’s still worth it.

We would probably stand there and do what we do even if there was an arctic blizzard going on, because we are like that. Maybe we will find out tomorrow as they predicted snow. We will keep you posted.


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