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Final July Blog
07/22/12 @ 09:32:10 am, Categories: General, 454 words   English (US)

This is always the toughest part – being home again after a wonderful time in the UK. On Friday there were only four of us at the stage door so no going in photos. It was short and sweet and after a lovely dinner with our friends (albeit a bit rushed as the Ball was late going in – for our fan friends and himself we do dread the traffic situation in the week leading up to the Olympics, it’s bad enough as it is) we were back in the Adelphi for our last show of this trip. We tried to enjoy it even more than usual and remember every nuance of it for the next time we will be back it will be Tuesday of the final week. The mere idea of no more Sweeney is too depressing to ponder – a terrible shame that the show cannot be filmed due to copyright reasons.

Another great performance from everyone on stage. Feeling nostalgic we left the auditorium after the standing ovation and were back at the stage door. Quite a crowd plus all the club-goers. He was quick coming out (no celebrity guests for once) and completely took us by surprise when he stopped in front of us and asked about when we’d leave and would we see another show and basically was his charming self. Lovely chat, lovely hug - we left Maiden Lane on quite a high. One final stroll through the West End – no rain for once, it was a perfect last night.

Saturday we treated ourselves to a nice breakfast in Covent Garden, went to the stage door one last time (but as we had had our moment yesterday we stood in the back to take pics and film). All too soon he was in, the moment had come: we needed to head towards Heathrow Airport. It felt awful to walk past the Adelphi when everybody else went inside for the matinee performance and we had to collect our luggage and leave. The least favorite moment of the entire trip.

The journey home went okay and we would have uploaded the final stage door pics but Kerstin’s internet at home doesn’t work, but as soon as this is fixed the final photos will be online.

We will be back in London on 17 September (evening). And we have very mixed feelings about this trip: on the one hand it will be great to be back and see Sweeney again on the other hand this will be the final week – no more Mr Todd after that.

But we had a brilliant time – even with all the rain. Wonderful 10 days – thank you to everyone who had helped creating these special memories! :)


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