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Edinburgh - A Triumph
09/30/09 @ 09:03:53 pm, Categories: General, 405 words   English (US)

We just got home (well back to the hotel) after a fabulous night out with Michael (in our dreams ;)) and lovely friends, but let’s start at the beginning.

Once Michael was inside the Usher Hall, we planned to get our car and search for our hotel. We did not hold much hope for a smooth journey. A) because we have satnav and B) because we have been to Edinburgh before (many times). That does not make sense? You may know that Edinburgh is just one big building site at the moment. Loads of streets were just dug up. So we just knew our sat nav would have to work overtime and it did. Nevertheless we got there quite quickly, checked in, got changed and yes, drove back to the venue by car, although it should have been walking distance. Somehow we just could not be bothered.

Unlike yesterday the concert started in perfect time. Our seats were in the front row, to the side, but still in front row. They turned out to be just perfect! The stage setting was a bit smaller than usual as the stage is rather tiny compared to the arenas we were used to.

From the beginning you could tell the concert would be fabulous! Michael was on great form and enjoying himself and so was everyone on stage. The audience loved him. He received very deserved standing ovations for Gethsemane, Love changes everything, The Prayer and This is the moment. Actually we felt, he should have got them for half the songs he was doing. It was just bloody brilliant from beginning to end and a complete triumph. Nothing went wrong, everything was just perfect.

After the show we got to the very crowded stage door. We managed to speak to lovely Adrian again, who just gets better and better. After he left it did not last long for Michael to appear and enter his coach. He even got to the front door of the coach, signed stuff, talked to people and was his usual lovely self.

It did not last long, but it was a nice and lovely end to a brilliant, near perfect day. Thanks to Michael and thanks to the bunch of lovely ladies (and a gentleman) whom we shared the post-concert time with. For us it’s off to Newcastle tomorrow morning, including some sightseeing in the way down.

So, see you in Newcastle 


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