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Edinburgh - 9 January
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We are quite used to the Saturday being the last day of performances. So it was a nice change (apart from Cardiff) to have a Sunday matinee. A much better feeling to be seeing it again on Sunday.

The stage door was something to be seen. After Edinburgh the cast will have a week off. So you can imagine they wanted to make the most of it, meaning almost everyone went home straight after the show. It was amazing to see all the luggage that was involved. Tiny girls with positively enormous luggage. Poor things. One dancer even arrived with her own radiator. Amazing.

As this was supposed to have been Michael’s last night as Edna (until he added Bristol and Wimbledon) we knew it would be very crowded and it was. Mind you, not as bad as we initially expected.

Michael arrived rather late, got out of the car, smiling at the gathered crowd, saying “Now, is this a good time to announce I’m not finishing in Bristol and there’s another 7 venues?". You should have seen the faces and hear the strangled noises! Everyone was struggling with the urge to shout NOOOOOOOO! He had SUCH a laugh but was just kidding of course.

He was really good and took some time to get inside. Once he was in we left for a final hot chocolate in our usual haunt and the time flew by. None of us could believe it would be our last show out of 9! Incredible how this week just went.

The show itself was a joy to behold (as it would be). During Mama I’m I Big Girl Now Tracy got a bit overenthusiastic and accidentally nearly slapped Edna. You could tell Laurie was killing herself laughing whenever she wasn’t singing, also during the scene at the record shop Link nearly missed catching Edna’s earrings, went after them in a hurry and nearly fell. Off stage we could see the conductor laugh throughout. They have little cameras and monitors installed so that he can see what goes on in the wings and they can see what he does to get their cues. We think they must have held messages in the camera as he kept looking at the monitors and chuckling. At one point he himself held a note into the camera that read Dancers Go Home! LOL

The cast got a good send off we think. We had experienced more eager audiences but it was good fun and they got a massive cheer and standing ovation at the end.

Stage door afterwards was busy as it would be. Everyone got to say their good byes and off he walked into the sunset - or rather the cold, cold night up a steep slope.

It is a weird thought that the next time we will see Hairspray there will be only three performances left until it’s bye bye to Edna forever (well, for the time being, we are positive it will not be forever actually).

We had a lovely dinner with friends and then saw The King’s Speech. Fantastic movie!! Very impressive acting.

After that we joined Joan and Faye in their hotel room and once again wouldn’t leave until they made us. Thanks to you girls for your patience and hospitality all week. It was such fun!

The bags are packed, skies are grey…and off we hop.


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