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Edinburgh - 8 January
01/09/11 @ 04:08:58 am, Categories: General, 628 words   English (US)

We had snow! We are almost afraid to admit that as people obviously had problems with travel etc. but we really had hoped for a bit of mild snow as we simply knew Edinburgh would look amazing in snow and it does! On our way to early morning shopping we had to stop several times to take photos of the Old Town (which is on a forma volcano, meaning above the newer bits) looking very romantic. Especially the castle.

Anyways, we got to the stage door in time. There were more fans than in the last few days but considering this was the last Saturday it was quite empty down there. Many had apparently sold their tickets on as it now wasn’t his last week. It was a joy as always to see him arrive and do his bit while we all did our bit (he signs, we swoon). We then passed the time till curtain up in our usual café and actually they could have charged us for the view that day. It’s situated right at the exit driveway of a shopping centre and apparently the road that lead out of the centre and onto the main road was covered in ice…it also is quite steep (we are in Edinburgh after all). So you could see cars sliding down every now and then. It was always a bit of a shock when some drove with neck breaking speed regardless of the street conditions, it has to be said. Those ended up sliding down sideways. But it was only a small part of the street that was really bad. So thankfully nothing happened and we did keep in mind to only cross the street when there were no cars in sight.

The Matinee was madness, not with regard to what happened on stage. Everything was business as usual on that front (meaning nothing went wrong, everyone was energetic and enthusiastic as always) but the audience was really…shall we say into it? They certainly loved every second of it but towards the end it was a bit like being in panto! When Penny’s mum makes her way through the audience some woman shouted “She (Penny) is behind you!” But it was good fun and the roar of applause in the end gave everyone such a buzz. It was wonderful. Another reason why we wanted to see Hairspray in Scotland. Brilliant audiences all week.

Stage door in between shows was a bit weird as it was only “the usual suspects”, no audience member who just wanted their progamme signed or something. So it was a quick one for him.

The evening show was fabulous. Audience reactions were great, everyone on stage was really giving it their all…. The perfect theatre evening.

A bit more crowded afterwards at the stage door but not much. The slope downwards had been cleared and so a few more fans had braved the decent. He was very good, signing away and then told us all how the cast were having a bit of a party in the pub and could we please respect their privacy and so on. Yes sure, we all said – and later learned that nevertheless some followed Michael up the street and inside the pub. Why, oh why would you do that?
We had a lovely after show party ourselves…without the Ball but with good friends in a hotel room being up till 2 am. Then had to walk home to our own hotel and to bed around 4 am. The alarm clock wasn’t our best friend this morning! Ugh.

So here we are, our final show for four months. We will only be back for the final three performances in Bristol. We will keep you posted.


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