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Edinburg - 7 January
01/08/11 @ 04:39:32 am, Categories: General, 240 words   English (US)

Greetings from snowy Edinburgh!

After a day of sightseeing and moderate shopping (luggage weight restrictions are a pain!)we met with our little group of fans and had a lovely pre-stage door meal. A mere coincidence (well, the price of the buffet went up after 5 pm) got us to the stage door rather early and we prepared for a long, long wait in the cold. But a mere 10 minutes passed and here he was. On foot again. Had a quick chat (only six of us, so no photos, sorry) and off we all went.

When it was time to walk up to the theatre it had started snowing! huge flakes, really romantic.

We sat on the very end of the front row and on the not-Michael side. This side of the stage was where Hairspray had started for us so it was quite nostalgic actually.

The audience loved it, but wasn’t quite as loud as the night before. That had been special, really.

Only three of us braved the snowy slope down to the stage door afterwards (it wasn’t that bad really, fresh snow has lots of grip. Michael was out first of the cast! Quick good nights and the hint that everybody else was waiting at the top of the hill. No problem for the lovely Audi so everyone up there got their wave and good night as well. :-)

Now off into the snow for two shows today.


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