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Edinburgh - 6 January
01/07/11 @ 04:37:57 am, Categories: General, 315 words   English (US)

Yesterday was the first day without a matinee so that meant we managed a bit of sightseeing and shopping, paying a visit to the Royal Mile etc. The weather was glorious, blue skies, not too chilly.

We had a lovely meal with Joan and Faye (these poor things really cannot escape us this week!) and then went back to the stage door (as you do). It being winter means it is dark outside by 5 o’clock. Hence there are only a few photos. You don’t want to flash him too much. The little group of us formed him a guard of honor and he quite enjoyed that. We all had a laugh. We tried to get some tour info, but oh no, he couldn’t be persuaded.

The show did get a stunning reception. Really enthusiastic audience, hysterical laughter all around us. It was great!

Afterwards they did open the fire exits and leaving the building took only a few minutes and was not traumatic for once. Yay! A little group had gathered at the stage door. There was no car waiting for him so naturally we had a moment of panic, but no, he didn’t leave via another exit. All was well. Took his time with us all and told the small gathering that even now, after all the publicity Hairspray has had, there had been a stunning 17 people at Southampton who complained that Michael Ball was not in the show!! Imagine that! He is on every poster! Also someone commented on his beautiful legs and oh yes, he knows! (You could guess I think by the amount of leg Edna shows off…)

He then took off on foot.

Another day of sightseeing for us (we intend to do a bus tour – now that was a really interesting bit of information, ey? Sorry) before we do it all over again. Talk soon!


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