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Edinburg - 5 January
01/06/11 @ 06:06:32 am, Categories: General, 365 words   English (US)

Here we are with our second day at Hairspray and our second consecutive matinee day. This meant we were back at the stage door around noon, again having a lovely time with fan friends. No rain, no snow. All was well. Despite a few autograph hunters present the stage door war another relaxed affair. He caught us out on not having listened properly to the new Asians/agent line due to laughing too loud at the time. So stage door was a laugh.

Back at the theatre we started feeling for the cast. 4 shows in two days must be extremely exhausting. The show went smoothly but the audience reaction was a bit slow we felt. Standing ovation took a long time coming. Didn’t stop us though.

As usual it was a question of grabbing some food in between shows and heading back to the theatre. Matinee days mean you do not really see much of your surroundings sadly. But that’s what we have planned for today (Thursday) and Friday.

The audience for the evening show was much more lively. No glitches until we got to You Can’t Stop The Beat when Mr Spritzer offers Velma a new job and completely forgot all the wonderful benefits he offers her. It was good fun for the audience. Great reception and well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

One has to say that vacating the theatre after the shows is a nightmare. There are fire exit right to the stage door or the other side of the building. But they rarely open these. So some 3000 people have to squeeze their way back up to the main doors. This takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. You do not want to contemplate what would happen if a panic broke out….

Anyways, we finally made it down to the stage door and Andrew told the waiting fans Michael would have to leave in a hurry. Well, as usual this did not work as people still needed things signed and photos to be taken….

So today is one show only (feels weird to still be at the hotel and not on the way to the stage door!) and we will report back tomorrow morning.


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