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Cardiff - 7 May 2013
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Day Off 06/05/2013

After three fabulous concerts in a row, including the filmed Hammersmith concert, Michael had a well deserved day off and therefore we as well.

So, what do you do, when the last concert was in Southampton and the next one will be in Cardiff? Yes, you drive back to London. We wanted to see the “Book of Mormon” as we heard so much about it and two great ladies who were not able to get over for the tour now had tickets and gave them to us. Being able to go and see the Prince of Wales theatre where Michael did Aspects of Love was an added bonus. So after a celebratory dinner across the street from the Adelphi where we toasted Mr Todd on his Olivier success we set off to the theatre (it did feel like it should open with Michael sat on a red barber chair – it didn’t of course).

What can we say? The show was fabulously funny! But of course addressing serious issues (AIDS, poverty, violence, civil war to name but a few) disguised in outrageous song and dance numbers. The audience was borderline hysteric with laughter. If you are a serious Christian you probably would be offended but then again – only if you turn a blind eye to what happens in Africa and gloss over the fact that the missionaries are there not to help but to recruit. It’s no show for kids though. Luckily we are grown-ups;-) Catching tunes, very energetic performances and clever staging made this an unmissable experience. Thank you so much for the tickets!

Such a joy to experience live theatre again. We do miss the West End. Please announce a musical soon, Mr Ball!

Cardiff 07/05/2013

After the show we drove the three hours to Cardiff on empty motorways and got here at about 1am. It’s great to be back in Wales with all the street signs in both languages. Just loving it! And Cardiff is a great place to spend a lot of money quickly. Luckily we were busy meeting friends. The stage door was not so much a door but a ramp leading to the loading bay of the big shopping centre of which the St David’s Hall is part of. So we all just formed a line along the ramp and waved at Michael in the bus when we was driven up the ramp. No direct contact so no photos. Sorry.

The audience is always wonderful in Wales. We haven’t been at the St David’s Hall before (and Michael realised during the show that the last time he performed there was 15 years ago). It’s a good venue and the stage is rather low. Excellent for the intimacy of act one.
Wonderful reception (especially for Anthem!) and he was in great voice after the day off. Sadly we were surrounded by many early-clappers as we call them who will not let him finish the songs before going completely mad with ecstasy (a feeling we can relate to very well!) but will clap into the final notes making it impossible to hear them.

The venue was very strict on photos so we only took the one in the beginning.

There were sound issues and during Love Changes one of the speakers emitted a very loud crack which must have sounded horrible in Michael’s in-ear monitors (he took one out and continued singing as if nothing happened, of course, as he is a true professional). After that the sound and equipment behaved.

Sadly everybody around us was already grabbing their stuff during the final lines of Love Changes Everything and they were standing long before he reached the final note and ran too early. We could not see whether this happened at the other side as well as we were in the side block but we were almost trampled over by determined women in our row. Why not run when he has left the stage? There is plenty of time before he comes on stage again and you will not gain a thing from being there early as he will ignore all those who spoilt his song. And quite rightly so.

But it was another special concert and lovely to hear him say thank you in Welsh. Mmmmh, nice!

Now it’s the final day off and we are heading to Bristol. The rain has finally caught up with the tour and it looks like the tradition of a wet final concert in Portsmouth will be continued. Let’s see what tomorrow and the day after bring. We will keep you posted.


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