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Bristol - 9 May 2013
10/05/13 @ 07:49:01 am, Categories: General, 999 words   English (UK)

How perfect was last night?! What an amazing concert! Surely one of the best.

But first things first: We got to Bristol on our day off after driving through the incredibly beautiful Brecon Beacons national park. We can highly recommend a visit, also to Brecon town which is incredibly cute.

The rain caught up with us on our way in to Bristol. Sadly the forecast has been very accurate this tour so we were forewarned.

On the concert day itself the day began with sunshine but quickly turned into a stormy rain festival. We didn’t have too much hope for the stage door. Especially when our little group of fans shivered in the storm and rain and we all kept asking ourselves: Why, oh WHY are we doing this?! To be quite honest: we don’t know. It’s simply part of it all. Maybe it’s about the thrill of a stolen moment with him. The icing on the cake if you will. We never take it for granted that he lets us all indulge in this way. He could avoid us lot quite easily and no one could blame him. But here came the bus and out stepped the Ball. Very graciously he took his time for everyone, said he was getting a cold but would be fine for the final two shows.

It’s always such a shock when you stand there and wait for two hours and suddenly he is there, right in front of you, in the flesh. Very hard to form a coherent sentence when he turns to you and says hello. Once again we failed to come up with some witty reply or anecdote he would then recount at dinner parties for years to come. One day…!

Now, the concert. We had swapped our seats at the very end of row G for front row Balcony right next to the stage. The kind box office staff (you rock!) were ever so patient with us and took a lot of time discussing various possibilities and sight lines. In the end we were so happy we did that as it was a completely different angle. Almost his point of view but from higher up. Excellent view of the stage and audience. How beautiful it looks when everyone sways their arms to Run and how much fun when they punch the air in One Step! We are so getting you, Mr Ball. What a sight to behold! We were on a complete high. It would have been the perfect vantage point for photos from a whole new angle, but sadly, so sadly, the Colston Hall will not tolerate photos. As in zero. As in LOADS of security guards everywhere on constant watch. Apologies for that.

It was also shocking to see how little room he had to maneuver on stage. He pointed that out between songs. There were about three feet between the raised platform for the musicians and his monitors at the edge of the stage. He did manage to dance nevertheless but it got him VERY close to the greedy hands of fans during Help Yourself. They could almost touch him when we sang “grab a share!”…

He had mentioned his cold on the way in and you could hear it every now and then but being Michael a touch of hoarse here and there only adds to the absolute pleasure for us and we know this is bad, as for him this surely is not too enjoyable. But mmmh it sounded lovely. It even led to a beautiful embellishment of the final few notes of Help Yourself which he should keep! Lovely high note in there. As usual you could hear it most when he was talking and not so much while singing. From our bird’s view it was fascinating to watch him work so hard – he really is singing with his whole body.

His dad seemed to enjoy himself very much from what we could see and the audience was dreamy. So enthusiastic, so loud, so full of admiration. It was a joy to be part of it and by the end Michael seemed genuinely touched. And GOSH the sound! As we were on level with the stage the roaring of the audience hit us from the right and it was almost bodily tangible. Utterly breathtaking.

The slight drawback for the people downstairs were the security people. They tried to stop the first barrage of women but gave up there. Some ran early again, but since there was only a small gap at the aisles for people to stand in it wasn’t too bad as there weren’t that many in this early bird group. Anyways, so security gave up at the front but then point blank refused to let people from the back join the dancing lot in the aisles at the front. We heard later that some even threatens fans to remove them from the hall if they did not return to their seats. And it’s not like they hadn’t been forewarned! Our security guy up in the Balcony came to us at the end of the interval and said if we wanted to dance later on, could we please go into the second row as the balustrade was so low that it was deemed dangerous to stand behind it. We did that of course. But downstairs they were struggling and eventually Michael kindly called out to the security staff that they should let them run already. And down they came! It was quite a sight. Everyone was on their feet everywhere and we all had the most fantastic party. Sorry Cardiff, but Bristol clearly won this time.

We waved him good bye afterwards and floated back to our hotel on a complete high.

It is unbelievable that our two weeks in the UK are almost over. One last night to go. We will try and live in denial for a little while longer….


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