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Bristol - 29 April 2015
29/04/15 @ 08:11:02 am, Categories: General, 603 words   English (UK)

Bristol meant two things. Our second and unfortunately last front row of the tour and no photos. Over recent years the venue was quite strict on photo taking. We managed some on our first concert there, but were then stopped. Not much hope there.

You can imagine we were less than thrilled, when we stood in the shadow of the Colston Hall, in the wind channel of wind channels….. for more than an hour. Half frozen to death Mr. Ball walked up the street, stopped at the corner, talking to a group of fans, having photos and all, while we waited just being warmed by seeing him from the distance. Unfortunately, when he walked up, there was no one really wanting anything from him as we all had our fair share and so he greeted us all, asked if we were alright, gave us a smile and was in so quickly that we did not manage to hand him our presents.

We were joined by lovely Angela just a minute after Mr. Ball entered the building. After that the main highlight of the day followed. We met Adrian and had among us six big big hugs and a lovely chat. Gorgeous and so talented man and we hope he will be continue touring with Michael for a long time.

The Show

We took our seats in the front row, just next to Callum. So close and so nice and we had some hope when the ushers said “No Flash photography” when we entered. Usually that means photography without flash is alright and this time (as you can tell, if you saw the website) they knew that our camera is far from professional.

Unfortunately the backing singers, musicians and of course Michael entered the stage from the left hand side and not from ours as the stage is so small. In fact there is hardly any space for him to move around.

For “Wake me up” hardly any one got up. There were again just patches of people getting up and some of them were told off by people behind them .We’d really hope that Live Nation would make the effort to give at least a block allocation to the fan club. This is so annoying for the fans, who’ve always been standing for the first half and annoying for those people who don’t know and fear maybe that we will be standing for the rest of the night, spoiling the evening.

During his punk time talk he mentioned again his bondage trousers, which he still has, but they would not fit, not even with larger safety pins.

We told you about that bit about the open auditions for Phantom of the Opera. We said, he got laughs for it and that will mean he will repeat it and rest assured he did and it was even more hilarious.

When we were commenting on the audience at the beginning, we have to say, that our impression during that first song was so wrong. The audience was fabulous and once we reached party time and “The Wonder of you” we turned around and saw that almost the complete audience were on their feet , waving their arms. Seeing that was breathtaking. Now, if you wonder, why Michael strives so much, when the audience is appreciative, you’d only have to see that view yesterday and compare it to a quiet audience with most people sitting. It gave us an enormous buzz and they were not even cheering for us!

An amazing day made extra special by spending it with Angela. Thank you love.


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