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Brighton Stage Door
06/26/11 @ 12:12:11 pm, Categories: General, 864 words   English (US)

Yseterday we made an enormous mistake: We told Michael we did not have any travel nightmares this tour. Then we left Bournemouth in the midddle of the night to get to our Premier Inn in Fareham. We had the route planner, our sat nav and the address. Shortly after we started, we were both desperate for … the powder room… an found none. Then the fuel level warning light came on, but we decided, we’d get to the hotel soon anyways and everything should be fine. And it was that moment, when we discovered our motorway would be closed. Or at least several junctions (one of which was ours) were. PANIC. We had to do a detour, lost time, lost more petrol than anticipated (it kept making reproachful noises), but we would be there any minute now surely. Emily (our Sat Nav) directed us, we followed thinking, now this is an odd place for a hotel - a residential area. Most strange. We just wndered how they had obtained planning persmission for this type of house in this type of area when she said we had reached our destination. It was a dead end and we were parking in fornt of a very neat semi-detached house. Pretty roses in the front garden but they would probably not have been too chuffed if we rang the door bell at 1:30 am asking for a twin room in their attic, we don’t think. Naturally our hotel confirmationwe only had the post code and this seemed to be it. Again the car moaned for fuel. Right. Okay. Deep breath, no panic: ask clever sat nav for accomodation in the vicinity and lo and behold it came up wth our hotel and it turned out it was just around the corner at a different roundabout exit(ironically we had gotten off the roundabout at this very exit only seconds before, drove past the correct steet and then followed her instructions to get to the afore mentioned residential area instead). But we had found the place AND a petrol station. So all’s well that ends well.

On to the next morning. After a lovely shower, we got ready for the journey to Brighton. We told Emily (Sat Nav) to get us to Brighton, West Street. The streets were incredibly busy, although it’s hardly a surprise, when it’s Sunday, blazing sunshine and you are heading for a seaside town.

We have done the route from Portsmouth to Brighton countless times and were a bit surprised when Emily told us to drive on to places we’ve never heard of before and Brighton disappeared from the signposts. Did we trust our instincts? No! We thought she was being incredibly clever, using some sneaky route into town, we’ve simply not seen before.

Weeeellll, let’s just say we really enjoyed our brief stay in 1 West Street in Rottingdean ( A ). Mind you, it was a very pretty place and we passed another famous school this trip: Roedean, which also has a Michael connection as it featured in one of his lines in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So we are now convinced Emily just wanted to show us new places.

We then got to dhe Brighton Centre fine (eventually).

We did some shopping and card-writing, had a look at the beautiful beach and had enjoyed the first real summers day in the UK (shame that we will travel back home tomorrow).

As we had expected there was quite a crowd at the stage door, but we had all left a nice space for Micahel to walk past in a guard of honor-manner, but this is Brighton and they are mad about security there. So at a quarter past four two security men rushed out of the stage door. They moved the fans a bit further apart and put barriers up, where we had to stand behind. This would have made perfect sense, if he had arrived in a tour bus, so he could have got out and in quickly, but the bus was safely parked a few yards down the road. So we told the security person, Michael would walk to the venue, but he said the production company insists. Well they never had this at any of the other 11 venues we had been to, so we had our doubts.

And guess what happened? Exactly! Michael walked to the stage door. This naturally meant that the people behind us could not see him too well, because of the barrier, but we hope they just walked up to him in the end. We waited near the door, asked for a posed photo and listened to his little speech. He wants us all to make a noise tonight and we will.

We will be sitting in the front row and remember Brighton as being very ,very strict when it comes to photos, so we cannot promise you some from the concert, but we will do our best of course.

We promised to mention Emma and Steve, so here goes: Emma and Steve (LOL ;))

No, but seriously, we had loads of fun at the stage door just now, saying thank yous and good-byes to Gary with them. Enjoy your pizza guys!


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