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Brighton Stage Door
10/06/09 @ 12:36:38 pm, Categories: General, 158 words   English (US)

Just a little quickie as we are in the hotel and have a couple of minutes before we have to get ready for the show.

We already told you Michael did a great job last night in Ipswich. He really was giving it all and did not spare his voice. We were a bit nervous, if he overdid. Apparently we did not need to worry. He arrived at that stage door, being absolutely relaxed and telling us we might get “Mack the knife” and “The winner takes it all” back. Fingers crossed for that.

If you are interested, we uploaded a video clip of the stage door onto the site. It’s Windows Media Player file and I hope it will work for everyone. Sorry, that the pics are not that great, but the Brighton stage door is a really dark place and it’s not easy to get anything decent.

So now off to getting ready for the concert :>>


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