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Brighton 03/05/2013
03/05/13 @ 09:03:22 pm, Categories: General, 495 words   English (UK)

Still smiling at his clever tweet after Bournemouth… the early bird doesn’t always catch the worm. It confirmed what we were not sure about: He did not kiss anybody that night when people had run early. No hand holding and no kissing for the overexcited….

Anyways, what a wonderful concert Brighton was! And what a beautiful day! Sun and sea go together perfectly (too much of both clearly – this is turning into a very bad poem! LOL). We had a great day off and showed Julia’s mum some o f the most beautiful corners of the south. It felt very nostalgic to drive past the festival theatre in Chichester to show her where Mr Todd was “born”. They are taking it down or rather large parts of it and somehow this was a very sad sight.

Then we had a gloriously sunny day in beautiful Brighton. We always love coming here and seeing the Lanes and spending too much money on sweet nothings. After a stroll on the pebble beach we got to the stage door in time to see him arrive and spend a while in the freezing shades of this particular back door. It wouldn’t feel right without it. Even when the day is very sunny it will always be cool and windy back there. He arrived by bus and did the usual. Sadly with his back to us most of the time as it’s a very confined space. So no stage door photos today, sorry.

Julia’s mum was very excited about her first tour concert (the second and last will be Hammersmith tomorrow) and oh BOY did he not disappoint. The audience where we were sitting seemed a bit slow at first but this did change dramatically throughout the evening. He was in fine voice and good spirits. Excellent seats in the second row. With the very high stage it was just perfect to take it all in. You could hear he had had a day off and it was almost overwhelming. What an outstanding performance!

Apart from a slight timing issue during Being Alive which was well covered by our true professional (Julia’s mum didn’t notice a thing, only the relieved smile between Michael and Callum when things were back on track) everything went smoothly. This time, people did not run early and so there was hand holding and kissing – well, seeing the stage is so very high he kissed his fingertips and “gave” those to one lucky lady at the stage.

We floated back to the hotel afterwards and our tour guest cannot believe just how fantastic he was. Seeing Michael perform live really is something else. You have to see (and hear!) it to believe it. She was thoroughly impressed with the demanding set list and the utter perfection of the performance. Who’s surprised? ;-)

3am again – now some sleep then off to London. Thank you Brighton. So many fantabulous memories!


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