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Bournemouth - 26 June 2011
06/25/11 @ 09:10:47 pm, Categories: General, 648 words   English (US)

We felt quite at home being back at the BIC in Bournemouth. When we arrived a little crowd had already gathered at the stage drive. For those who don’t know the venue: the stage door is mainly a driveway leading to the subterranean car park for the buses and trucks. What we were prepared for was standing at the side of the street, waving at him on his way in.

Imagine our surprise when he appeared behind us all, having just come up from the beach. No rain this time! As always he was very patient with us all, telling us he had had a beach hut for the day. So we really should have done the sensible thing, meaning going for a walk on the beach instead of standing on some driveway, but on the other hand, we probably would have died from embarassment, if we had run into him down on the beach.


Whatever he was on tonight, we want some of it! He told the audience he was frisky as anything and in a good mood, but by then we knew that already. Lots of bouncing around the stage. Many little dances. We experienced something like a parting of the ways: Whereas we tend to get evermore depressed towards the end of a tour, he seems to be on an all-time high, but this is fine. It’s more fun that way.

For the group flash he did all kinds of poses and had a little rant about mobile phones and texting in theatres. Some poor souls were late for the show and as we told you before, you really, really don’t want to get caught by him when sneaking in late. They got the usual “You missed a lot!", but he also stopped the entire show and waited for them to find their seats. Constantly adressing them: “That’s alright, Take your time, I’ve got nothing else to do! or should I start over again?” (we all shouted yes, he should naturally).

It was such a laugh. Oh and also everyone was on their feet for the first song. That made a nice change to Plymouth. Everyone around us was so excited, it was great.

When we got to Misty and the Clint Eastwood analogy he said that he heard laughter when explaining how the movie cast with Clint Eastwood was the first obvious similarity.

No one reacted when he said New York was his second favourite city. So he turned around to everyone. He said “I said 2nd one - Work with me Bournemouth” This got him a huge laugh.

After having introduced his five co-singers he said they were young, athletic, good-looking and that this really gets on his nerves “ThatÄs it! From tomorrow you are all fired!”

We were thrilled by the incredible reception he received, but Bournemouth is really mad about the Ball. They cheered, they stood, they clapped along and when we got to the final encore and he had his little talk about the fine and having to stop by ten pm, they even gave their game away, saying: “I’m only teasing. You’ll have to drag me off stage. I’m having such a good time here.

What can we say about the voice? He makes it sound so effortlessly and delivers notes that make your heart skip a beat, literally. He’s incredible and for fear of overusuing oue belooved amazing, we have looked up a couple of synonyms:

awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful

Pick whichever you like from the above. They are all true.

Right now we are in Faremham, which is midway between Bournemouth and Brighton. We cannot believe that today (it’s 3am) we will really se the final concert of the tour? Where has the time gone? We hope to get back to you between stage door and show. Good night.


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