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Bournemouth - 01/05/2013
01/05/13 @ 08:39:50 pm, Categories: General, 642 words   English (UK)

What a perfect day it has been! Sun, 17 degrees and we were at the seaside. Okay, and yes, we admit to many spontaneous attempts to sing Mrs Lovett’s eerie “By the Sea”…we failed of course. But never mind, we were back at Bournemouth. The beach there is sandy and we like this, the sky was dark blue and everyone seemed in a wonderful mood. Spring seems to have finally won the fierce battle with winter. We even had ice cream while walking along the promenade! And we were wearing t-shirts! Enough of weather-fangirling we hear you groan.

Suffice to say we enjoyed our first day at the south coast and it was lovely seeing everyone again after a whole day;-) Michael came on foot and walked down the slope towards the stage door. Very casually, stopped, chatted had pictures. He said he really wasn’t feeling well yesterday and he really doesn’t recommend his Oxford hotel (even though it looks really nice in the internet!). As we rarely stay in 5-star hotels it will be easy to follow his recommendation.

Loved our dinner and the company. Many thanks to the Australian contingent!

We have a soft spot for Windsor Hall at the BIC as we did a venue tour a while ago there which was really fascinating.

The stage is really high so you have to keep this in mind when booking. We had great seats in row E. This time the security let everyone do their thing with regards to photography which sadly let to lots of flashes going off. We hardly saw any in Plymouth and only very few in Oxford so this was a shame. It got so bad that actually Michael had to revert to his photo opportunity solution where he asks everyone to take their flash photos now and give them a few poses (in very quick succession sadly;-)) and then everyone should put their cameras away. This worked a treat and we will now NOT rant about the uselessness of flash photography in concerts as we have done this so many times already.

Also you probably saw his tweet and wondered what this was all about. To remind you, he tweeted:
“Bournemouth was amazing. Loved it. BUT…the early bird doesn’t always catch the worm. Day off. Bliss.”
Well, you might have guessed actually. While in Plymouth no one dared running to the stage, Oxford still was very civilized with people only going down there really slowly and during the short interval whereas in Bournemouth people again ran while he was still singing Love Changes. The look on his face…

Please don’t do this, everyone. It’s neither fair nor polite and there is plenty of time to run when he is finished singing. Why would you rob yourself of a sublime money note?

Anyways, the concert itself was wonderful. The sound was excellent where we sat as the speakers were really high up in the large hall and not right in front of you.

Run is so amazing we could hit the repeat button again and again. These low notes…swoon swoon. Also songs that we really did not have on the agenda are becoming favourites. Memory was a surprise. We have heard him sing it many, many times but it is different now. He is singing so intimately and yet with such strength and modulation. Actually this is so impressive in the first half as well. He is creating the intimacy of the album in large halls with incredible pacing and modulation. It is truly delicious.

He really deserves his day off now though. This tour is hard work.

On our day off we will collect Julia’s mum (a convert) and take her on a sightseeing roundtrip before we take her to Brighton and Hammersmith. Happy days.


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