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*bored* "Yes it was aaaaaaaaaaalright!" *bored*
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Saturday 10 April
It was another sunny day in Cardiff. After breakfast at the bay and a bit of a stroll up and down the promenade we found ourselves back at the WMC. Another round of pleasant conversation with fellow fans (our special thanks goes to Barbara who even offered us shelter! Brave, brave woman! No, seriously, we had a great time and thank you so much!). When Michael appeared he took a brief stop at the merchandise stall before walking up to us. There were not too many fans there, so it was a relaxed affair. We got a few pics and a nice hello. What more can a fan want? We positively begged him to consider doing the musical Hair next (because most of the cast is stark naked at the end of act 1 but he insisted the illusion was better than the real thing…so no such luck ladies, but we at least tried!;-)).

We resumed our standing seats once more and have to say you really get used to all the standing and we know the basic steps of many numbers now for you have enough room to try them. Everything went smoothly and we get more and more used to the new voices and different interpretation. Some things are dearly missed, others are hilarious in this version, so an all and all enjoyable experience. Audience a bit slow, especially for a matinee. But at the end they came round.

Stage door between shows was well organized. A lady security guard was well in charge of the entire thing and so there was no chaos. Michael had guests so we were informed he’d only come out quickly. When he finally did he was in company, so we decided to be nice and well-behaved fans. Not a squeaky lot (dignity etc etc). But when he asked us how we were, everyone just said “yes, fine” or something, clearly lacking the enthusiasm he expected from us all.

So he imitated our tired greeting “Yeeeeeeeeeeees it was aaaaaaalright” and laughed. We all felt a bit guilty when he reached the group of people we had never seen before (theatre goers as opposed to the usual fans) and got a screaming reception. Okay, definitely embarrassing for us! This was when we decided o give him a big WOOHOO after the evening performance. That was for sure.

Brief lunch, getting change, check in into the new hotel (we could only do that in the late afternoon), getting changed and then back to the back of the WMC. Another great performance, the audience much more responding than in the afternoon (good thing, as his mum was in! How strange it must be to see your son looking like your mum… according to his dad….). A quick stage door afterwards, as he was rushing to join his mother, of course. But still took his time for photos and autographs. We really are lucky. The more we hear about other, very famous singers handle their fans….trust us, we are VERY lucky.

We then had a wonder around Cardiff Bay at night, beautifully illuminated and that was it: our standing days are over. Today, at last, we will be sitting. Sadly it’s our last show here in Cardiff. Southampton next.

We also booked a few more seats for the other venues we are going to, just so we don’t have to stand through most of them LOL Also we just booked another night in our current hotel. Cannot BEAR another move! And it is absolutely gorgeous with great beds etc.

Talk to you after the matinee.


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