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Blackpool, what a night!
09/28/09 @ 04:09:30 am, Categories: General, 671 words   English (US)

What an amazing show yesterday – but first things first. We arrived in Blackpool without another car crash. Yay! Result! Found everything okay, which is hardly surprising for we have a) sat nav and b) been to Blackpool several times already. From listening to Sunday Brunch (oh yes, we did, in our car) we knew Michael was having fun on Pleasure Beach, so there was no hurry.

Chatted a bit and waited until the tour bus (there were no less than 5 identical ones parked around the venue. But half of them belonged to another act) left to pick Michael, the boys and one of the Louises up from having fun on rollercoasters. It took them a while but sure enough after some 30 minutes the massive bus squeezed itself through the narrow lane. Michael waved from the front. But we guessed right: he’d step out from the middle door. This is fun and it means he has a shorter walk through the crowd. But he was very giving with his time, told us all about their Pleasure Beach adventure (apparently Callum had decided against one of the rides in the last minute) and said we should see the photos. Once inside the boys came along and Ben made the crucial mistake of showing the photos from the rollercoaster rides to us all. Millions of cameras were out, the poor boy looked like he was surrounded by piranhas LOL We made no exception of course. Hilarious pics! Had a quick chat with the lovely Adrian, too (he is staying in Hairspray till April and Verity is too! Yay! Will have to see it again before April! But he will not go on tour with the show. Crying shame.).

When everyone was in we had some food and set off to find our hotel which did prove quite a quest even though we had a) sat nav and b) knew the place. Took us almost an hour to find our way through the labyrinth of one way streets. But we made it and are in a massive room WITH sea view!! In a Travelodge that cost us 9 pounds, would you believe it?

The concert was phenomenal.

Mind you, we thought it was a bit of a slow start with only half the auditorium on their feet for the first song (fans are scattered through the auditoriums these days, no real group feel). Also clapping along didn’t work even when Michael tried very hard to get everyone going. BUT the applause and cheers after each song were generous and enthusiastic, so that made up the lack of audience participation during the individual numbers. Those who did stand up gave plenty standing ovations (it sometimes felt like exercise, we were on our feet almost every song LOL). His voice was in top form and they had so much fun up there. Sadly the sound was a bit…let’s say the venue is not equipped for the huge speakers and so it was a bit over the top at times. Party time saw the whole place on their feet, dancing along. We had such a good time and, most importantly, so had Michael and company.

Afterwards we wished the boys a good journey (as we knew they’d drive straight on to Glasgow) but were then told Michael had left through another door. Never mind, we had a fab stage door before the concert (those are the ones that count) and headed straight to the beach, admiring the illuminated Blackpool.

Now it’s our day off and we will drive up to Glasgow via scenic routes and in no hurry whatsoever. Can’t wait. B)

A line we had forgotten in the Birmingham blog, but love so much we keep repeating it on a daily basis: when Michael told us that he now has been doing this job for 25 years he rephrased: “You cannot call it a job, can you? 25 years of showing off!”
loved it! even thought about changing Justy’s tag line! LOL


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