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Birmingham 27/04/2013
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What a couple of days. We only just arrived on Friday, have another two weeks ahead and it feels as if we are about to leave just because we have seen so much already, had a fabulous time with Petra and Helge (and the Ball) …. And spent a work day’s worth standing around in the cold dreading with anticipation… more about that later.

Birmingham – 27 April 2013

The weather forecast predicted heavy showers around the time of his arrival. We could not believe this, when we were sitting in the blazing sunshine, having a coffee / hot chocolate outside the Bullring shopping centre. Once we decided to leave our lovely space the weather took an extreme turn for the worse. Within minutes the blue sky was gone, heavy gusts shoved us in the direction of the stage door and by the time we were only five minutes away the heavens opened. We were sure this was the moment he got in, as it was a similar situation in Blackpool. And we were right. We missed him by a few minutes, so sadly no stage door photos .

We were quickly reminded that Birmingham is our kind of crowd. There was no polite clapping, but wild reception he deserves from the moment he entered the stage and throughout the concert. Michael was born near Birmingham you see, so he is always very well received. He even remarked something along the lines of this always feeling like coming home. This is how we like our concerts.

“On the Edge of Glory” – Was it ever more poignant than this very night merely one sleep away from the Oliviers?

The Symphony Hall is such a great venue and felt just right for the more loungy feeling of the first half. It is our favourite of all the three local venues we have been to.

He was on top form. The audience clearly knew their stuff for it was the first time Both Sides Now received an applause or recognition when the first few notes were played (usually this is reserved for the more familiar tunes of Empty Chairs and Love Changes).

The second have was over far too quickly and indeed some people did rush to the front BEFORE he even finished Love Changes. Come on, surely this is not on? You spoil your own enjoyment of the money note, the enjoyment of others who want to sit and appreciate it and judging by his tweet his joy of performing it! There is plenty of time to get down to party as he leaves the stage before the encore/party time. Let’s see what happens in Plymouth tonight.

After a mad dash to the stage door (gate) we were rewarded with a prime position to wave Michael good-bye. It was Saturday night and the clubs around were brimming with life. The stage gate itself was blocked by a police people carrier and we thought this was an extreme use of tax payers’ money should he be sped off to London in this ;-), but it soon left so that the tour coach could leave.


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