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Ball Behind Bars
09/26/09 @ 12:26:54 pm, Categories: Pre Stage Door, General, Travel, 536 words   English (US)

We won’t bother you with the drama preceding our arrival in Birmingham (flight cancelled, bunny K not on the new flight, delayed departure because of traffic over the channel to name but a few).

For us our tour started this morning, when we picked up our rental car (very nice! we got an upgrade). And the sat nav guided us towards our hotel. Only two crossings away from our hotel, we waited at a red traffic light. Then, suddenly, there was an almighty bang and jerk. The driver behind us had hit us. GREAT! A rental car. A four lanes road and we are stranded in the middle, in shock with heavy traffic all around us. It took us a moment to gather our bearings. The guy who hit us kindly helped to slow down the traffic and we could pull over to the left at a bus stop. Thankfully the car was still driving and the poor man was very apologetic. We phoned the rental company and he confirmed to them it was his fault. Luckily no one was hurt. Our car looks a little worse for wear though. The rest of the journey went smoothly…. Thankfully.

Then we arrived at our hotel and had a lot of time to wander around, have a look for the stage door and have something to eat.

Stage Door:

This would not be a brilliant one for sure, it did not help that this must be the first time ever Michael did the NIA. This means no one knew which of the numerous entrances Mr. Ball would use. We settled for the one, where one of the tour buses was parked. The problem there was, that it was closed by a massive gate. So we knew at best he’d drive in and walk back up to us. In worst case, he’d just walk in.

We chatted to our friends and time went by rather quickly. Every now and then a member of the band arrived. And when Callum arrived we knew sound check was near. Excitement mounted when the second tour bus came up the road and drove past…. Oh no! Bugger, what now? We really really do not want to run. But then it stopped, mercifully reversing into the drive. Michael had fun, as you might see on the photos. And we were lucky as once the bus was safely parked he really did walk over to us all, chatted a bit, signed a bit and told us all he was tired. Also he encouraged us all to do a bit of dancing in the show, as he really like to see it, when people stood up (apparently there has been a bit of a lack of atmosphere during the tour due to the fans only having tickets further at the back – or so we were told). When Michael finally went in Ben remained there, working the crowd. We said our hellos and it was good to know he still remembered us.

With one hour to go to our first concert we will leave you now to get changed. Enjoy the pics of “The Ball Behind Bars”. Talk to you soon, we hope. Wifi permitting.


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