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Back home – but why?
04/14/10 @ 03:24:23 am, Categories: General, 555 words   English (US)

After what will be known as „The Perfect Stage Door“ forever we had gone back to our hotel room to get changed (and gush about what had happened on this blog). Our friend Angela came with us and together we relived our special moment until it was time to leave. Jokingly we said to her, you have our tickets, right? And she laughed and replied nah, I gave them to you, remember? In December? Now that she mentioned it…..oh god! We had completely forgotten about already having our row A (that’s sixth row) centre seat tickets being no longer at Ange’s (where they would have been safe) but with us. EEEEEEK!! Being a calm and positive person, Angela reminded us that she had the credit card the booking was made on with her (originally she didn’t plan to take it with her but somehow she changed her mind in the last minute. PHEW!) and we should get reprints fairly hassle free. Quick walk to the WMC, ticket desk, yes no problem. First line of address and telephone number? Here are your reprints. Double PHEW!

Got the colour brochure (indeed, there is a photo of the new finale dress, but due to lighting it looks purple when in reality it is pink) and some orange juice and couldn’t believe the proximity of the stage! Like in good olden days….

It was like watching a whole new show again, as seeing the faces clearly does make a difference. We no longer imagined the “old” cast but finally saw the new one. Naturally now that we had really, really seen it, we didn’t want it to end…but all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of You Can’t Stop The Beat (the score board showing Tracy’s and Amber’s votes behaved for once. During one show Amber was declared the winner even though Tracy’s votes were much higher). It was 5:35 pm when Michael left the stage. We thought of the poor driver who now had to make it to London in two and a half hours.

We waited for a bit afterwards to say good bye to Andrew and that was it. Our first bit of the Hairspray Tour.

We had a lovely meal with Angela’s family during which her little son asked whether we would come back home with them. No, we explained, we had to fly back home to Germany the next day. That startled him: ”Why?!,” he asked. “Exactly! That’s what we wonder every single time!” we laughed. After that we had a last stroll around Cardiff Bay (well, two actually, one in daylight, one at night time). The next morning meant getting up really early, catching our train to London, getting into the city, grab some food (always a joy with luggage) and then start our journey up north to Stansted airport.

We have to say though that UK trains are wonderful: quick, quiet and clean. All for little money and it is great to enjoy the beautiful landscapes together for once. We will definitely go by train again.

Our next stop will be Southampton (from 26 – 29 May). We hope to see many of you there!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip to Wales one of a kind!!


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