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Arrived in Cardiff
06/12/11 @ 09:34:56 am, Categories: General, 179 words   English (US)

Thanks to Faye’s and Joan’s good advice we found a bargain sat nav in Birmingham this morning. Thanks a million! Mind you, once we had it set up and typed in the hotel addy it kept saying place not found….then we tried Cardiff as such and it said “Town not Found". Hum, this was odd, surely even with dated maps a whole town shouldn’t disappear! And then we started the process again and foudn out we had to change the country! From England to Wales. Appologies to the Welsh for our ignorance but we had no idea LOL were quite desperate at one point and almost went back to the shop claiming our money back :oops:

Anywhere, just got here via incredibly landscapes…some parts of the country simply look better in the rain. There were clouds stuck in the hills and everything. Magical.

It’s pouring down and the wind is fierce, but the Millennium Centre is all lovely and you can wait inside.

We will get back to you as soon as possible after the stage door.


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