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13 till 16 July 2012
07/17/12 @ 05:25:11 am, Categories: General, 763 words   English (US)

Weekend Update

Sorry for the long silence. We’ve just been so busy this weekend…On Friday we fetched Julia’s mum from the airport (really interesting to watch the some Olympic athletes arriving and a committee to greet them with cameras and all) and after dropping her luggage at the flat we headed for the stage door. We had seen Michael’s tweet that he was invited to the Old Bailey for lunch by a judge with a sense of humour. Not that we were jealous or anything or doubted our career choices in the slightest…

It was only us three at the stage door when he and Imelda came strolling down the street looking extremely nice, very posh. His suit was just perfect, light grey. We had a quick chat (excellent pronunciation of “danke schön” – that’s German for “thank you” -, Mr Ball! We were deeply impressed). It was great of course that he was his charming self at the stage door (no rain for once!) and that Julia’s mum was faced with the harsh contrast of a very dark and menacing Sweeney Todd on stage. What can we say? She absolutely loved every second of it. She was in absolute awe of the overwhelming talent on stage. She was very much looking forward to going again on Saturday (phew!). Stage door afterwards was mayhem. We did try a photo of the nice suit but no chance. Too many people in a frenzy.
On Saturday we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing and visited Westminster Abbey. Then stage door again. We met our friends, waited and chatted in the rain…a dry wait would feel odd now. We are used to feeling damp now when he arrives. When he did arrive the rain had stopped but he was running really late (traffic had been a nightmare) and he hurried into the theatre.
Two shows that day and we were on a Sweeney high. You could tell the role is taking its toll on his voice. We cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must be to sing this part 8 times a week. We do like a husky voice though. It works very well with the character, we just hope it doesn’t hurt while singing.

Afterwards he looked so tired and kept telling the elated crowd that he needed to go home, still they followed him right until his car’s door and someone even asked for three photos as the others “hadn’t come out”.

On Sunday we visited the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavsden. What a fabulous day out it was. You actually get to walk through the Great Hall and see the real props and sets. We were especially happy to see the office of Dolores Umbridge and her costumes as this is the part Imelda played in the Potter films and even though this character is even nastier than Mrs Lovett seeing this gave us a warm fuzzy feeling. So if you are thinking about going but are in doubt: do go! It’s all perfectly organised by Warner and thus thankfully not overcrowded and the huge model of Hogwarts is worth the ticket money alone, we felt.

A wonderful end to a rather busy weekend and we dropped Julia’s mum off at the airport. It was great for once to be able to drive away from Heathrow without leaving ourselves.

Yesterday it were only 4 of us at the stage door so sadly no photos. Lovely quick chat and then the Monday show. We have been told that Mondays are great because everybody is rested from the Sunday off but we have for some reason never seen a Monday show. Now we regret that. It was just magnificent. Everyone was on top form and we could again see many little things that were changed and tested. Fascinating to see the show evolve. Another mad stage door afterwards. If the one photo we took came out we will upload it on Facebook.

Today was supposed to be the best day of the week – weather wise, dry and warm. Now we are back to rain in the evening, which is so typical as we are not doing Sweeney but will be seeing Madonna in Hyde Park. But we are used to seeing concerts in the rain. It will feel strange to see something else when we know Michael is on stage in the same city as we are. Anyways, the rain ponchos are packed.

Hope to get back to you sooner this time.


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