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12 July 2012
13/07/12 @ 03:32:56 am, Categories: General, 342 words   English (UK)

Yesterday we did something we have been talking about for ages but never really got round to: We rented one of the “Boris Bikes” and cycled through Hyde Park. The idea is that for a small amount of money (for free if you go less than 30 minutes) everyone can hire a bike from public stations all over London and leave it at another station when they are done with their cycling. Since the sun made on of its rare appearances we made the most of it and had a stunning view of the Royal Albert Hall and the Serpentine.

Sorry to report that there are no photos as it were only us two at the stage door and you really don’t want to get your camera out then but simply say hello. He was wearing the same blue top he wore the day before – the colour really does bring out the eyes wonderfully. Afterwards we headed to the box office to sort out a mystery about our Monday tickets. They were extremely helpful. We have rarely experienced such friendly and supportive BO staff!

The show went swimmingly – and no cheering when the Judge meets his untimely end. Phew. He was in fine voice and this new long note in Johanna really adds to the tender sadness of the song.
We sat next to Sweeney novices and there was a lot of gasping and “oh no”-ing going on. Always great when people get to into it all. Very happy crowd in the end.

Now we are off to pick up Julia’s mum from the airport as she really wanted to see this show an so she will join us for the weekend.

The weather forecast is a bit depressing as it is indicating it will always start raining (heavily) when we are stage door-in. But no one forces us to ogle at the poor man when he gets to work, so we cannot complain. Hopefully we can report back with photos today. Depends on the weather.

Talk to you soon.


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